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Freelance Painter & Artist

Location:Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Phone: 702-979-0649
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JonteTheArtist- Bio
Jon’te Aycox was born in Japan,Tokyo,1979. He is African American,Also has a Cherokee Indian background from his mom side of the family. He always had a very created artistic mind. At age ten,Jonte always sat at the dinner table and just drew and drew. He always admired the females Feminism,Makeup,The way they dress, high heels,hair,From the women in his family, To the singers on tv,like Diana Ross and Vanessa Williams and so on…. So Jonte incorporated all that in his art, That’s how it all started. When Jonte draws his females,He will create them differently sometimes, From the face shape,To the clothing design. Then he will make the makeup on them look so real,Using chalks, paints, crayons. Then the hair styles,From braids to short hair. Over the years as Jonte kept drawing, He took an art class,through his elementary and middle school,high school. Jonte challenged himself,opening his mind to doing other created things with arts.
Jonte draws cartoons, mother nature, cartoons,abstract,flowers.

Then photography was such an interest in Jonte mind to. Doing Jonte junior year in high school,Jonte did theatre,Then he dreamed of becoming a model. He was always inspired by Tyson Beckford, Tyson Beckford had a different look,So Jonte learned how to use his own different unique look,He learned to love his unique features and accept it. Jonte got a portfolio done at age eighteen,Inspire to be a model.

Jonte was so hook by photography,From that point on. Jonte now adds art and photography together,It’s all art. Jonte challenged himself,painted his face different colors,Using his face as an art piece,Adding different props in the pic, Like flowers. Jonte feels very comfortable using his art in different ways. Jonte also takes pictures of the sunset, mother nature,trees. Also Jonte takes pictures of his Yorkie Terrier,Brownie. Jonte is now working on getting his art out there, For the whole world to see,making people happy. Jonte is working on getting his art into newspapers,galleries,cards
and cartoons,Mags,books.

Jonte is also working on getting his own art book,With all his arts..Also working on doing more modeling,theater and acting. Jonte is on his way,Artist,Model,Actor,Dancer Photographer. Altogether those are all in one,An artist,It’s all art………….



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