Stelios Stylianou

Freelance 3D Animator & 3D Graphic Designer

Location:SYDNEY, New South Wales, Australia
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Stelios Stylianou

Freelance Photographer,
Freelance Motion Graphics,
Freelance XSI/ Maya 3D Generalist
Contact: Mobile: 0414 552 595
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Full UK driving License held for 10 years. 0 Points

I would best describe myself as a creative and enthusiastic 3D artist with a passion for music, food and photography. I am always well presentable, extremely hard working, an achievement driven person who likes to get exceptional results when working on my own as well as working within a team. I am very patient and always like to have a smile on my face. I love to learn new things and I am always willing to help others.

Nikon D90
Nikon 18-55mm
Tameron 70-300mm

Employment History:

Freelance Motion Graphics/After Effects editor
January 15th-5th February 2011
Client: Tom Machidis
Music Video: Just fired Jack- “You Got Me Good”

Client required a 3 minute music video, providing only the green screen work that was shot prior. The client gave me full freedom over the video and so, my roles included- coming up with the concept for the video, storyboarding, research, editing,(After Effects, Photoshop), particles(After Effects- Trapcode) and final outputs, compressed and uncompressed to be screened on their launch date on the 19th of Feb and MTV in the future.

Freelance 3D character modelling
January 6th - 11th 2011
Client Garnet Mae
Tropfest- Sydney short film festival.

Working with a client who required a 3d bug character to add to his short film.
Roles included modelling a new character rotoscoped in place within the existing footage shot, texturing, animating, lighting and providing creative direction.

Prime Focus London : Samantha Greenwood 0208 565 1000
Head Runner : June 2008- November 2008
As well as having the some of the duties of a runner, after being promoted to head runner my duties involved working out rotas for the rest of the team, delegating jobs/task to the rest of the team. I also had the responsibility of handling and the distribution of the weekly float to use for food/drink/other purchases requested by clients/staff .

Prime Focus London : Samantha Greenwood 0208 565 1000
Runner : January 2008- June 2008
Duties included delivering packages, serving clients food and drink, logging digi’s, working in the library making sure tapes were logged correctly and stored in the right place
Locking up at the end of the night and opening in the mornings (when on late shift or early shifts)

Lipsync – Creative- REF: Miss Joanna Shiokka 0207 534 9123
Dean St, Soho, London
Full-Time Runner
1/6/2006 – 22/7/2006
Task carried out:
Delivering Digi Betas and movie reels for various companies
Preparation for guest/clients (morning/evening) - food and drinks
Handling clients by taking them to and from the editors
Handling internal post, phones and logging Digi Betas in and out of the building,
Labelling, using the Digi library to sort unused Digi’s at the end of the day.

Education & Qualifications

Portsmouth University
BA (Hons) Computer Animation
Sept 2003- June 2007

Harrow College
Art & Design Foundation Nation Btech Diploma
Merit Awarded
Sept 2002- July 2003

As well as having a strong interest in computer animation I also like to DJ in my spare time, whether it is in my room or helping friends on private functions. I have also had a chance to learn the drums and more recently the guitar. I am also a keen freelance photographer always helping out friends with events and private jobs. I love to cook and travelling the world has introduced me to new and exciting dishes that are so easy to make, when you know how!
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3D Animation
3D Graphic Design