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Larry Hansen

Freelance Screenwriter, Creative Writer, & More

Location:Marina del Rey, California, United States
Phone: 310.733.7549
8 Skills

• Over twenty years experience in creative development in the entertainment industry.
• Multi-genre, multi-platform creative writer.
• Familiar with a wide range of elements of television and film production.
• Demonstrated ability to work independently or in groups and take initiative to identify and quickly solve problems with creative solutions, often under tight deadlines.
• Proficient in numerous software programs and tools including Word, Excel, Final Draft, and the Internet.


Created website product descriptions raising online profile for multiple-client base including: Jeff Dunham, Bon Jovi and Kathy Griffin. Established new inventory control system. Online shopping cart maintenance.

CLEARVISION MPG - VP, Motion Picture and TV Development Hollywood, CA 04/2004 –03/2007
Screenwriter – wrote spec and in-house screenplays. Development – analyzed scripts and films for development and acquisition. Co-Produced Angels with Angles including post-production and developing marketing strategies.

Director of Screenplay Competition – implemented new method for providing writer feedback and expanded international outreach. Conducted panels and readings. Assisted in international festival operations.

DREAMWORKS SKG Culver City, CA 04/1997 – 01/1998
Production and post-production assistant for Paulie: A Parrot’s Tale. Coordinated daily script page changes.

BOSS FILM STUDIOS Marina del Rey, CA 02/1995 – 11/1997
Night Guy. Responsibilities included script breakdown, coverage and synopsis writing for bidding producers; working with Imagining department tearing down cameras, canning film and delivery; grip & PA. Films included: Air Force One, Turbulence, Multiplicity, Desperate Measures and Starship Troopers.

DYNAMEDIA Glendale, CA 07/1994 – 01/1995
Creative consultant. Scriptwriter and audio recording script supervisor for five audiotapes included in Ken Kragen’s S.T.A.R. System: a career and life strategy package sold via nationwide infomercial.

VENTURE VIDEO PRODUCTION Marina del Rey, CA 04/1991 – 08/1994
Assistant Producer / Writer for television commercials and industrial videos. Client interfacing, proposal writing and creative concept development.

7TH LEVEL INTERACTIVE Glendale, CA 03/1994 – 07/1994
Scriptwriter for learning based interactive children’s CD-ROM, Virgil Reality.

MARK GLAMACK PRODUCTIONS Los Angeles, CA 04/1992 – 08/1992
Script editing and story development for animated children’s feature film: Eucastrophe. Story editor for animated television pilot: Another View.

ADVENTURE RADIO THEATER Playa del Rey, CA 03/1991 – 04/1992
Co-creator and scriptwriter for five episodes of Free Sound Wave Dave! A children’s radio series based on the science of sound.


Harvester (co-writer Stephanie Carlisi) - Sci-fi/Horror tale of an alien invasion with a twist.

The Last Rites of the Red Blooded (co-writer Mitchell L. Cohen) – WWII soldiers try to stop an insane Nazi vampire experiment.

Castle Stalker (co-writer Leslie Scott) – Spooky happenings at a remote Scottish castle where being in love can be the death of you.

Red Tide Rising (co-writer Mitchell L. Cohen) – An environmental catastrophe breeds deadly results.

Based in America (co-writer Stephanie Carlisi and Mitchell L. Cohen) – Military discipline collides with free spirit in this gleeful teen musical.

Last Days of Lazarus – A noir zombie western.

Happy Birthday Cameron Fyfe (co-writer Mitchell L. Cohen) – Stolen birthday wishes create havoc.

Homeless for the Holidays (co-writer Mitchell L. Cohen) – An accidental fire at an orphanage leaves many children homeless and the culprits go to extreme comedic measures to make things right

Trophy Husbands (co-writer Mitchell L. Cohen) – Some men never grow up, especially when they don’t need too.

Temporary Detective – A temporary worker gets in way over his head when he pretends to be a detective.

Gasp! – A Buddhist ghost story and time traveling road trip that proves that not only time is irreverent.

Cast of the Armadillo – A boy, a girl and a couple of aliens travel through space in a hollowed out rock in search of answers.

The Blue Ring – based on a true story about the French underground. A long lost ring reappears after several decades with a deadly secret hidden inside.

Brittle – A woman discovers her recently estranged husband’s business is deadlier than the disease that she and her son are trying to cope with.


Ghost Light (co-writer LeeAnne Rowe) published 2012– A troupe of actors are summoned to a mysterious village in the 1920’s Scotland.

Global Warning (co-writer Carole Marie) Published 2003 – An environmental thriller based on Hopi Prophecies.

Cast of the Armadillo – A boy, a girl and a couple of aliens travel through space in a hollowed out rock in search of answers.


Hooters (stage play by Ted Tally) – Director of sold-out run at the Stella Adler Theater in Hollywood.


Video producer & editor, book editor, published short fiction author, video camera / boom operator.