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...i hope this works!? we go!?... your uncle bob has passed away!?...he was 79 years old and worked as a florist in Harrogate!?...he was married for 55 years to Julie and they lived in the same house that bob built after they were married!?...they kept dogs!?...Sally and Judy and Bess and Sam!?...they also had a parrot called “Mr Mouth”!?...they had 3 kids!?...Sarah, Ben and Clarke!?...they holidayed in Scotland, Ireland and Sao Paulo!?...Bob and Julie volunteered at the Y.M.C.A. in leeds and they were very happy together!?...right let me see what I can do with that info!?...completely random!? example of my crafting skills!?...wish me luck!?...

We are here to celebrate the life of Bob who has sadly passed away a week ago in his sleep,
I ask that you will honour Bobs wishes and try to smile, and try not to weep?.
In his seventy nine years upon this earth Bob did many and various good deeds,
He and his wife Julie often volunteered at the Y.M.C.A. in the town of Leeds.
As a florist for nearly fifty years Bob had established three thriving florist stores,
The number of people who received there floral gifts from Bob is counted in many scores.
He built a reputation for excellence, and prompt and efficient service with a smile,
People came from near and far for his floral work, and would stay and chat a while.
When Bob built the house for he and Julie, all those many years ago,
People said he was crazy to try it, but Bob being Bob, he had to give it a go.
He toiled for many, many months to build a palace fit for his queen,
And to the amazement of most, it was amongst the best that they had ever seen.
In Harrogate town they settled down and started a family to share the love they had,
Julie was a very natural mother, and Bob was, by all accounts, a brilliant dad.
First came Clarke then Sarah followed shortly by their youngest Ben,
They settled then for the three kids they had, abandoning their plans for ten.
And then there were the dogs they had, their faithful dogs that loved them back,
Sally and Bess who were both brindle and Judy and Sam who were both jet black.
Over fifty five years that they shared the house with the kids and dogs and all,
They also had a parrot called “Mr. Mouth” who sat and talked all day in the hall.
When they were all on holiday together in Scotland tracing back the family lineage,
They got the taste for, and never missed for breakfast again, a big bowl of porridge.
When in Ireland it was the creamy taste of Guinness that Bob took to straight away,
And he would have one glass of the black stuff every Saturday until his dying day.
When in Sao Paulo they both got a taste for swimming together in the sea,
And if you could not find them at home in Harrogate that is where they’d both be.
Bob was my uncle and I felt the love from he and his loyal wife, my aunty Julie,
When I say I loved my uncle Bob you can be sure they are words that I mean truly.
He gave me my first pocket knife aged fourteen, sorry Mum and Dad, you never knew,
How did you think I made that crude but nice bird that I carved for the both of you.
So to uncle Bob I say these final words of my reluctant goodbye,
As I read this uncle Bob I am smiling, there is no tear in my eye.

please read and leave any feedback?, am i any good at this kind of work?, thanks for looking, steve
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