Freelance Book Cover Designer & Book Designer

Location:Ft. Worth, Texas, United States
2 Skills
Professional Profile
Talented photographer with 30 years of commercial photography and graphic arts experience

General Qualifications
Quick learner
Computer proficient
Extremely organized
Team leadership skills
File/records maintenance skills
Data management skills
Process implementation experience

Technical Qualifications
30 years professional photography experience.
6 years professional publishing/editing/layout experience
1 year professional freelance journalist
17 years website administration
6 years professional book cover design experience

Well informed about trends and techniques for computer graphics and information systems. Consistent record of prompt and courteous service to fellow employees, clients and students

Professional Experience
Freelance Photographer, 1975 to present
Freelance photographer with experience in such diverse subjects as commercial products for website use, kids, damage to property for insurance claims, nature and landscape, animals, architecture, and many others. Venues have included sporting events, band concerts, construction sites, art festivals, and many others. Portfolio is online at

Cyberwizard Productions
Managing Editor/Publisher – responsible for editing manuscripts, deciding on which manuscripts to buy, hiring and firing staff, managing various publishing projects which ranged from programming and maintaining the website and its content to oversight of all aspects of the book publishing projects under the CWP imprints, and the print issues of the magazine. Responsible for layout and design of books and book covers using a variety applications including but not limited to Adobe InDesign, Corel Paintshop Pro, Poser, Bryce, and others. Responsible for building and maintaining imprint websites.

Eagle Citizen Community Paper
Feature Writer/Photographer - Duties included covering various events, taking photos of the event, interviewing participants, then selecting the appropriate photos and writing the article. Reported to Managing Editor, Lynda Wolverton.

Senior AIX Systems administrator - Responsible for all phases of AIX systems administration supporting multiple business units under the Textron umbrella, including installation, decommission, network support, san support, file system support, user account support. Involved in customer support as well as OS and hardware daily maintenance activities and disaster recovery scenario.

Computer Merchants
Contractor working with CSC - Level 3 AIX Unix administration. Responsible for building, troubleshooting and repairing various OS related issues.

DCI/Ciber/Analysts International
Contractor working at IBM.
First 6 months, from Aug. 1997 to Jan 1998 in hardware and was responsible for configuration and setup of RISC (rs6000) machines as well as installation and troubleshooting AIX Unix.
Starting in Jan of 1998 to Nov. 2006 providing technical assistance on the AIX help desk supporting AIX UNIX, SAN, LPAR and HACMP specific issues., Edwardsburg, MI
Site Administrator, Programming, Technology and Commerce - Site Administrator for large online digital art gallery, associated forums and resource centers provided for novice to professional graphic artists. Responsible for day-to-day site operations, staff management, and task assignment.
Primary Site Programmer, database manager, site enhancement, development and test of new site features.
Administrate online store and advise technical staff.
Direct Quality Assurance and Test of all incoming store products and provide marketing placement for merchants.
Edit and contribute to weekly e-magazine 3D Communicator.
Managed graphic forums, instructing and tutoring members in the use of 2d and 3d graphic applications.
Assist users in resolving technical issues on all Win Systems from 95 to XP-Pro.
Assure compliance to site Terms of Service in all Galleries and Forums.

Austin Community Access Center
Webmaster and LAN Manager - Responsible for creating, programming, and maintaining Web pages and other related Internet support for ACTV. Responsible maintaining, upgrading, and supporting 15 person Novell network supporting Windows machines. Responsible for administering microcomputer based remote operation electronic graphic display system. Taught computer graphics, including modeling and 3d animation classes. Created opening graphics for numerous video productions as well as promo spots which aired at random times on ACTV channels.

Media Experience
Published author with 5 books and multiple short stories currently in print.
Freelance journalist and photographer for various community publications including North Texas E-news,, Northwest News, The Eagle Citizen (no longer publishing)
Designed computer graphics for the openings of various TV Shows, including Follow the Leader, Love Talk, Anime Connection. Assisted in training people to use Toaster Paint, 3d Lightwave, and Dpaint.
Designed graphical screens for Ultrablast from Moraffware.
Created book covers for various small press publishers and individual authors.
Experienced with 3D Studio and most graphic applications
Created advertising poster for
Created illustrations for various contests as advertisements or prizes occurring on
Designed and installed original electronic graphic pages for display system, both still frame and animated.
Produced experimental graphical videos containing elements of music combined with moving and still video, and computer images.
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Book Cover Design
Book Design