Michael Frayne

Freelance Writer & Photographer

Location:Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
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Currently serving Active Duty US Navy. I am a mechanical engineer (Gas Turbine Systems Technician - Mechanical [GSM]), working with various equipment, but a system specialist in the repair and maintenance of the marine propulsion gas turbine engines and Rolls Royce generators.

I am a man thriving on ambition and adventure. Creativity spawns ingenuity. An individual thinking outside the box is how we have come to fly. I am that type of person.

I like to experiment in different fields of work while there is downtime with my current obligations. When I try something, I will not quit until I get it right. Then once it's right, I will perfect it.

I will never call myself an expert in any field of work or occupation. There is always a new way to do something, build something, do it better, see it better.

My proficiency in writing, reading, proof-reading, and grammar is excellent. In my current line of work, I am trained to notice mistakes, errors, or mishaps. To leave one go unnoticed would be a sign that I'm not doing my job. And to me, that is unacceptable. To add to writing, I can be very creative, and write in many different styles.

Photography has been one of the things that I have had an upper-hand in. With my photos, I like to be creative, capture the moment, and emphasize exactly what it is being captured. My photography classes have always been in high marks, and event photo's always savoring the moment.

My old history teacher once told me, "Knowledge is key for this day in age," and "If you can attach an emotion to something, you will always remember that particular piece of information, because you can associate to that". What that meant to me, was I needed to know everything around me. Of course, I don't know everything, but I learned different subjects and was able to retain the information I learned because I was able to associate it to something that would either "click" with that particular piece of information, or have an emotion towards that subject.

I hate computers. But because I have this passion towards computers, I was able to learn how they work and how to fix them, effectively and efficiently. Hating computers, however, does not make me any less reliant as the next guy. Knowing the "ins" and "outs" of our advancing technology, computers and mobile technology alike, makes me more aware and more marketable.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me. I really do hope to hear from you soon.

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