David Brunoehler (AKA Bruen)

Freelance Jingle Producer & Children's Book Writer

Location:Huntington Beach, California, United States
2 Skills
I write national quality lyrics for all media.and venues. I write quickly and from any point of view. In 1985 I won a Wall Street Journal Ssongwriting contest for best city theme song for Wichita, KS with "You'll Feel Wichita". Te decision was unanimous. In the early 90's I teamed up with Melanie (you know, the Folk Princess of Pop from Woodstock?) and did over 30 songs with her : Rock in the Road, Life Will Not Go Away,Falleen Angel, Gone with the wind, to name a few. Wrote "High Time" for thhe film "Dreamers" Wrote a musical review called "Tomorrow'a Broadway" and have scores of samples of all styles of music. Just finishhed :Long Beach" for Long Beach, Just tell me what you want AND i'LL DELIVER.