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Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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I am a poet/lyricists with many years of experience of poetry writing under my experience. I have written for my elementary yearbook. I have been published through Creative Communications (a poetry contest out of Utah from 2002-2003). My poetry skills are pretty extensive through previous radio station Love Zone (here locally when Flow 93.5 had one and parts of the U.S./London, England) and through Amerieweb forum as well. I have shared my talent through the past Amerie site as well as the current one.

I have written for people around me like a 3rd party but made it sound like them and I got a lot of impressive feedback because of it. I can say poetry on the spot if you ask based on just looking at you or what you have told me.

My work also extends for writing a Rememberance Day poem here in Canada which got me 2nd place overall of Ontario and 1st place in the Zone district near my high school back in 2000.

I am currently writing on new material poetry wise through my blog at:

Besides being a poet I got to experience a few recognition courtesy of Ms. Keshia Chante just recently last year through my photos on her site (look up musicaddictjane) and currently freelanced for KCRyder street team through Luvkcfansite.

I am currently working on other material through youtube, blogger and twitter to get some recognition of my own after such a long hiatus from writing and representing musicians/entertainers, I am here as a supporter and promoter of up and coming entertainers. So if you are looking for someone who can help you out, I am always checking out new and fresh talent.

If you are looking for a poet/promoter, I believe in talent and is always searching through social media I can help you out by checking your stuff out. If I think you are talented, you'll be promoted through my twitter page.

If you need someone to write for you constantly year round no matter what the season is or you have a special event and you need a poetry writer. I am the go to person for that. I have no limits. Just message me here or through any of my pages and let me know what you need it for.

Just look me up or contact me at any of these sites. :)
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