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Jonathan Kroger

Freelance Digital Artist & 3D Animator

Location:Lincoln, Nebraska, United States
2 Skills

Quality Assurance:
Proofread Web sites with high school curriculum content.
Used the Concurrent Versions System to update files.
Edited computer graphics using Macromedia Fireworks.
Operated Microsoft Excel, Edit Plus, Emacs, and Word with
macros and regular expression searches. Tested and corrected
links. Transferred information and settings between Learning
Management Systems. Learned some about Flash, MySQL, the Document
Object Model, the Hyper Text Markup Language, Cascading Style
Sheets, DreamWeaver, AutoIt for Windows automation, software
for editing audio, and Camtasia for synchronizing audio and
video. Used programs to help create Web sites and documentation.
10-2004 to 6-2011

Part-Time Department Manager: Ace Hardware
Opened and closed the store. Cut and threaded pipe. Cut
glass and Plexiglas. Copied keys. Mixed paints. Sharpened
lawn mower blades. Fixed screen doors. Point of sale.
10-2000 to 8-2001

Salesperson: The Electric Craftsman
Built parallel circuit fixtures for wholesale. Learned how
to use a rivet gun. Repaired halogen and incandescent lamps
in part with soldering. Dealt with a variety of bulbs and
fluorescent systems. Set up a spreadsheet for bookkeeping.
Implemented a mailing address database using Microsoft Works.
7-1999 to 6-2000

Senior Software Engineer: West Group Publishing
Programmed mostly in PL1 until January of 1997 and in C++ using
Borland and Visual C++ from then to January of 1999. Learned
some of IBM's MVS/ESA mainframe operating system as well as
Microsoft Windows. Worked with various data browsers. Studied
business ethics, took a Franklin Planner course, and used an
electronic organizer. Learned Microsoft Solutions Framework and
Methodology for Object Oriented Software Engineering.
6-1995 to 1-1999

Researcher and Tutor: Gustavus Adolphus College
Researched the transfer of data from a Cray supercomputer to a
Silicon Graphics computer using an Internet protocol. Aided
students of Computer Science I with the Scheme programming
language and concepts. Learned the GNU Not UNIX operating
system on NeXT computers.
2-1993 to 5-1995

Taught as a mentor in the TeamMates program and explored
JavaScript on Macintosh computers. Created artwork using
the Open Graphics Library, Eclipse Java, b-spline curves,
3D spline interpolation, Blender mesh modeling while learning
bone rigging, vector math, and texture mapping. Drew
construction plans using Google SketchUp. Used VBScript to
edit text and to backup files. Volunteered for church programs
including Habitat for Humanity, Matt Talbot's kitchen, and the
Clinic With a Heart.

Bachelor of Arts, May 1995 Major: Computer Science
Gustavus Adolphus College Minor: Mathematics
Saint Peter, Minnesota Cumulative GPA: 3.459

Commercial Driver's License, December 2011
Southeast Community College
Lincoln, Nebraska
Cumulative GPA: 4.0
Skills (2) Rating
Digital Art
3D Animation