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The irony of life is that no matter how much we try, care, strive or dream, the good guy will usually get trampled, the greedy will stay rich, and no matter how many warnings the doctor has lectured you on to quit smoking, it won't matter... The poor guy down the street, who never smoked and went to church every sunday is going to get lung cancer. You'll be lighting it up until you're 90 with oxigen tanks strapped to your back... In the meantime, the day someone shows up and can finally predict the future, is the day the front page will read, "Psycic Wins Lottery..." So I tend to live by a simple code that is this; Everyone matters. Everything we do matters, more often then most of us will ever even notice. And the catch is that it's the little things that matter most; The smallest of actions, thoughts, words, the harmless "white lie", or the careless dirty look to the old man going too slow in the fast lane, aren't as small as you think... As you zoom past him in a huff, you just can't help but glare toward his direction, giving an annoyed roll of the eyes or the finger and a "Who the hell gave you a license jack ***!"... and off you go. Everything we do, once it's done, takes on a power of its own. The moment something you say leaves your lips, you can never take it back. No matter the lengths you may find yourself going to try and change it or make it better, it's too late, you no longer have control over where it goes, what damage it can cause and who it could impact. The effects of our actions can ripple through infinity with a lasting current that can change your path, a stranger, hell... even the world. When I was younger, I used to say the line, "Hey, **** the World, Man!", quite often, but one day a man walked over to me and said, "But you are the world, youngster..." As he walked away, I was left sitting there in shock at the heavy truth in his words. And my point is this; Be mindful of what you do, what you say and where you go, for each step makes a new rippleā€¦

When it comes to writing, it's my passion... It's what I do, and have always done. I am currently working on 3 book projects and a few other assignments for myself, as well as many projects and freelance work for other individuals/ businesses. I do it all... I have a way with words that comes from a core place inside, and from a past where the odds were against me from the gate. I've worked hard to get where I am today. No one helped me but myself get here. I take that back, I wouldn't have made it without hope, and God has looked out for me all along. I don't use the places I come from as some lame excuse to stay "the victim" or to treat others like ****. Everything happens for a reason. When my mom overdosed when I was 15, I was on my own. I found myself a scared, homeless little girl, tossed into a very greedy, violent, chaotic and sadistic adult world. And years later I finally made it off those streets... The unique and amazing people and places I've seen only expanded my deep love for a broken world. Life can be so beautiful and heartbreaking all at once... It always leaves me left with this bittersweet sense of awe. Writing saved me from a life that had pre-doomed me to go nowhere but down. But I took all I could in, tucking all I've seen and all I've felt into a deep place in my heart, and I use my past struggles and hardships as an asset today by taking those experiences and passions I have and it flows through my words. Today I'm a damn good writer, and like I said in the begining, I honestly do it all. You can throw any job my way and I'll nail it. I've got heart, soul, honesty and humor to top off. Life's what we make it, no one elses problem but mine, and the most beautiful people in this world are most likely the ones you'll never meet. But you see them, sitting there behind some liquor store, shaking and mumbling to himself in a drunkin stuper... And the sad thing is that probably no one will ever know that the man is someone brother; someones son; maybe even someone's daddy.... But he couldn't take it and the world finally broke him one day...Too much heart to feel the pain any longer so they snapped...just like that they were gone. I want to write about all of it and issues that make a difference and matter- Thank you
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