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Freelance Portrait Artist & Portrait Painter

Location:Gilbert, Arizona, United States
Phone: 480-600-9714
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Hello! I'm an artist happily located in Arizona. I love painting the human form and pushing boundaries in techniques and methods of painting! I am a huge lover of historical figures, events, religions especially mythologies, and more! some may think me a true amateur history buff! If I'm not painting, I'm researching and writing on all things war and political issues all the back through Europe and tracing down to ancient civilizations. I was apprenticed by Italian artist and master teacher, Frank Covino who took me in while still a teenager. I left high school for my art began college classes at the age of 16 in the interim. I received my degree of arts, in fine art specializing in painting, at the age of 18. I worked as a mural artist and free-lance artist for less than a year before I was hired by a world renowned company known to produce famous artists and sell commercial art around the world. After getting married and working for quite some time, I have now decided to fulfill my dreams of painting my love for history in an attempt to show next generations and remind the older generations of where we come from, who we are, and inspire deep thought of how we will move forward by learning from our rich past! I love portraits and welcome commissions to fill that small niche where I am pushed to paint subjects that will further my training and eye.

Experience Summary:

Classically trained in the Old Renaissance traditional paintings methods.

Dramatic involvement with interior designers and large corporations concerning commercial art.

Advanced technique in contemporary and transitional artwork with the Phoenix Art Group inc., a world renowned commercial gallery.

Detailed history and portfolio as an active commissioned artist focusing on portraits of animals and people.

Completed artwork for the Kennedy family, Trump Hotel, Hit tv show, "Devious Maids", etc. (ask for more references and customer reviews)

Extensive knowledge in the anatomy of the human figure. Strong technical command of color and composition.

Skilled in painting on metal, glass, plexiglass, wood, paper, and many more creative surfaces.

Extreme speed in executing a composition/painting.

Competent in any medium of choice including: watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastel,
marker, charcoal, pen and ink, and graphite. Specializing in acrylic and oil.
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Portrait Art
Portrait Painting