Hamdi Kandil

Freelance Book Illustrator & Presentation Designer

Location:Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
2 Skills
Highly motivated professional with extensive experience in creating maps, illustrations, educational materials and presentations for educational and research purposes
Mastering professionally many packages of software, including MS Office, Adobe Collection, Corel Suite, Surfer, ArcGIS, ER-Mapper and other design applications
Provide instruction on many topics at workshops and conferences
Recognized as a remote sensing and GIS specialist
Skilled at working both independently and as part of a team, assuming a leadership role when necessary, in often stressful and fast-paced situations
Fluent in Arabic and English, and fair knowledge in French

Personal Data
Name: Hamdi Farouk Mahmoud Kandil
Date of Birth: August 13, 1959
Nationality: Egyptian
Job: Lab Specialist, College of Science, UAE University, 1997-Present
Address: College of Science, UAE University PO Box: 17551Al-Ain, UAE
Tel: Mobile: 971-50-5235381
Home: 971-3-7676625
E-mail: hamdi.kandil@uaeu.ac.ae
Education: M.Sc. Degree in Geophysics (1st Part), Tanta University, 1987
B.Sc. Degree in Geological Sciences, Tanta University, 1981

Produced and designed powerful presentations that communicate messages clearly and effectively and present ideas powerfully. Provided Multimedia Presentations used for teaching, research and other purposes. Honored for best presentations in the Annual University Conference, as well as in other International Conferences

Design and produce your printed documents reliably and efficiently whether the projects are destined for high-end printing, a digital press, or cross-media publishing. Create and design an extensive range of print design products: Books, Scientific Papers, Reports, Newsletters, Posters, Brochures, Logos and Promotional Materials. Create real-world compositions such as designing a corporate report cover, an event poster and even a bulletin board collage
• Created all publications and printed materials for the "6th International Conference on the Geology of the Middle East," organized by UAE University, 2006
• Created and designed logos for many sites
• Designed “Science Focus” newsletter, and the “College of Science Booklet” for the College of Science, UAE University
• Created the “Geology Department Book” for the Geology Department, UAE University
In addition to many papers for Staff Members in the Faculty of Science, UAE University, other significant projects and books including:
• The Petroleum Geology of Iraq, Published by Scientific Press Ltd 2010
A.M. Aqrawi, J.C. Goff, A.D. Horbury and F.N. Sadooni
• Oil Pollution and its Environmental Impact in the Arabian Gulf Region, 2004
Edited by: M. Al-Azab, W. El-Shorbagy and S. Al-Ghais
• Emirates Journal for Engineering Research, 2004-2009
Editor-in-Chief: M. Sherif
• Water Resources Perspectives: Evaluation, Management, and Policy, 2003
Edited By: A. S. Alsharhan & W. W. Wood
• Hydrogeological and Geophysical Studies on Al Jaww Plain, Al Ain Area, UAE, 2003
Hind Saif Ali Al-Nuaimi, (M.Sc. Thesis)
• Assessment of Groundwater Resources using Remote Sensing and GIS, 2003
Muna Khalil Al Hammady, (M.Sc. Thesis)
• Desertification in the Third Millennium, 2002
Edited by: A.S. Alsharhan, W.W. Wood, A.S. Goudie, A. Fowler and E.M. Abdellatif
• Hydrogeology of an Arid Region: The Arabian Gulf and Adjoining Areas, 2000
A.S. Alsharhan, Z.A. Rizk and A.E.M. Nairn