Michelle Fernandes

Freelance Editor & Creative Writer

Location:Kingston, Ontario, Canada
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Hi everyone!
I love writing and currently have a light-hearted blog. I have quite some experience in writing and am very flexible. I can write anything from formal reports to birthday card rhymes.
My blog: www.mishudoris.blogspot.com

Some helpful information about me:

Currently on a one-year exchange program at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario.
Graduated in Mass Media (Bachelor of Mass Media), ranking third in the Journalism class of 2010 from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai.

Employment History:
Interned at a local business weekly, Power of Voice for a month and a half in 2007.
Interned at a national TV broadcasting news channel, CNN IBN for a month in 2008.

Work History:
Was editor of Amnesty AICUF, a human right’s news letter for the year 2008-2009.
Worked in the editorial team of ‘Raga’, the official Malhar newspaper for Malhar 2009.
Wrote a column for a renowned graphologist for six issues of the Delhi magazine, ‘City Cheers’, in 2009.
Edited and laid out the July 2010 issue of ‘the Wassup?’, a community youth newsletter.

Skills and Qualifications:
Has good interpersonal, spoken and written, communication skills and can make people feel comfortable.
Has good computer skills.
Was part of the AICUF (a students’ movement for social justice) trinity as treasurer for 2009-2010.


Received scholarships for highest in English for four years at the school level.
Got a humorous piece ‘All in a day’s work’ published in the online ‘Epic India Magazine’.
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Creative Writing