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Matthew Brauchli

Freelance Animal Illustrator & 3D Animator

Location:Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
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I am an experienced artist in both traditional and modern media.
My background as a 3D modeller and Animator and as a Wildlife Bronze sculptor heavily influenced the quality of my work.
I specialize in creating animal and human drawings, realistic or caricatured, in a variety of mediums, both digital and traditional. I work to create the highest possible standard in my work, to deliver within the budget and on schedule.

My skillset is extensive in a variety of software, strengthening my illustration workflow, and understand most publishing processes, both in printed and digital media.
I am a capable creator, able to understand and interpret briefs, deliver concept artwork, adapt to client requirements, and produce quality artwork and media.

Websites: (my personal site for 2D & 3D work) (Sculpting, and photography & graphics for the site)

Examples of Past Projects:

Project: Marten Yachts, the Marten 65
The Brief:
Marten Yachts need a new tool to display their handiwork. Photography methods had proved frustrating in the past, as it was virtually impossible to shoot effectively the interior of a tightly compact, high-class, multi-million-dollar racing superyacht.
Producing a 3D model meant they could take clients on walkthoughs, to see the entire layout of the boat, and discuss optional changes before building.
The Marten 65 became the world’s first 3D Superyacht on the world wide web, that people could walkthrough in real time.

Project: The KEA
The Brief:
The KEA is a Brainchild of Matthew and Susan Brauchli, which evolved into a screenplay format over several years. Non-human characters meant the establishing of believability was important.
The concept was to create a series of panels in support of the screenplay, to reinforce the story, and to establish the do-ability of the project, while still leaving enough room for a production company to re-define Film and Character look and feel.

Project: The Fox, the Raccoon, and the Tree (working title)
The Brief:
A Children’s book aimed at 5-8yr olds that teaches the importance of seeing the possibilities. The main characters had to be lovable, and the illustrations interesting enough to hold young children’s attention.

Project: Baytex Engineering Ltd
The Brief:
Baytex is a world leader in tent marquee manufacturing. Four different models of tent marquees had suffered the same problem; instruction manuals and how-to videos had both failed in clearly communicating how to erect the tent correctly.
3D visualisations removed distractions and allowed people to clearly see how the components fitted easily together. Some of the largest marquees could be easily erected by two or three people now that a clear understanding of how it all fit together existed.
This not only became a powerful tool for those putting up the tents, but also as a sales tool that showed just how quick and hassle free large marquee setup could be.

I also have worked on:
3D Visualization for Retirement villages, Golf Resorts, Residential developments, Underwater Harbour Projects, Toy Figurines, Sports Equipment, CNC models for Logos, Power Catamaran, and Others.
Sculpture of Bronze Wildlife Works (viewable on ).
Illustration for various private projects.
Video Editing, Titling, Sound and Compositing for various projects including, missions Videos for Local Church, and a project for Maori Television and TVNZ (New Zealand TV Stations).
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Animal Illustration
3D Animation