Freelance Website Programmer & Smartphone Programmer

Location:Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Website: http://SwitchitDesign.com
2 Skills
Switchit Design is made of a team up of Programmers and Graphic Designers who have a passion for creating new content and love to work on a variety of projects. When the Switchit Design team is not working on a project for a client, they are creating experimental websites, graphics, and software. Working on personal projects during their off-time gives Switchit Design team members a chance to experiment with new techniques so they will know what works best in your website. We guarantee your website, graphics, and software will have user appealing designs and advanced programming to support them.

Each team member is highly skilled in their profession and available when you need them. Whether you call during working hours or at one in the morning, one of our team members will be able to answer any questions and respond quickly to urgent projects or project updates. We will provide you with status updates throughout your project so you can keep track of our progress and make sure the design exceeds your expectations. We also offer meetings at locations near clients in the Atlanta area or video chat sessions for international clients so we can fully understand the project requirements, without causing any inconvience for you.