Alyssa Gottlieb

Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Location:Columbus, Ohio, United States
Phone: 3309337437
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The portfolio of illustrative design I create collectively encompass many styles seen in contemporary publication. My illustrative works portray a strong feminine quality as well as a whimsical feel to be appreciated by viewers of any background or age. These thought-provoking works contain exaggerated figures and bold color choices that attract the right attention from any market. My awareness of ornate and decorative details make my pieces compelling to many demographics.
The fine arts portfolio I have created contains striking portraits that also show great awareness for detail. I have strength in mimicking the contour of shapes and creating a deep spacial connection between the viewer and the artwork. My awareness of color and space create a body of highly detailed and rendered pieces.
I have a highly creative mind and an expanding body of work. As a graduate of Columbus College of Art & Design, I am moving toward creating a successful career in freelance illustration and fine arts.

Adobe CS5 Programs, Corel Painter, Traditional Mediums, and Digital Rendering. Experience in writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Proficiency in Apple/Mac software.
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Graphic Design