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Shirley Long

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Location:Kensington, Maryland, United States
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I am a published author who has written several ebooks. I have a passion for writing short story fiction ebooks and novels. I have been writing for about seven years now and really enjoy it.
My passion is also for romance and thriller novels, I plan on writing several of these soon.
I also enjoy writing contemporary poetry. I have always had a desire to just be creative and write exactly what I am feeling or going through at the particular time I am writing. I also do the same thing when writing my fiction novels, I try my best to make the characters come alive. I also love reading good books, traveling and meeting interesting people, cooking good food, dancing,
and doing some exercises. I also take the time out to enjoy my family and friends, going on
different trips and just hanging out together. I enjoy fishing on the banks and it is a thrill when I
really catch one. These are just a few of the things I enjoy doing. If you would like to read
or purchase my ebooks you can go to and check out Are You Your Child's Role Model or How To Overcome Adversity both of these ebooks by Shirley Long.
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