Sherief Razzaque

Freelance Resume Writer & Content Writer

Location:Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Phone: 0400806250
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I've written website content for 14 years, ever since my Arts degree & I Rock-Paper-Scissored over Barista or Writer.

I don't speak Arabica so the coffee lost and these companies won:, eBay, PayPal & Thomson Reuters. Here's how:

Angry Customers @Thomson Reuters
= Staff x Knowledge quits
I created a database to preserve that knowledge
= Happy Customer + Fewer staff mental health days. Serenity Now!

Angrier Customers @PayPal
I rewrote the knowledge base, site pages, FAQs & emails
= Easy to use site x 300% customer service improvement in 3 years.

Google Panda kung-fu’d our SEO
I optimised emails, landing pages, wax on, wax off, etc.
= One black eyed Panda + 100% increase in userbase and revenues in 2011!

RECOGNITION (but none from Iran)

• I was invited to present at Content Management World 2012, until Iran found out and threatened to ban Maybe NewsCorp ****** my phone and told them? Ayatollah I declined the invite but the clerics banned us anyway, in December 2011. It was a "cleric-all over-site". At least they also booted Reuters, BBC, Facebook & Twitter, in case we got cold, lonely or hungry.

• The consolation prize - My content has appeared in the Wall Street Journal and TechCrunch, and was referenced by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author Thomas Friedman (NY Times, the Lexus and the Olive Tree)


Using 'corporate text' sounds authoritative but often loses your message. And your target customer. I'll fix that so everyone knows what your product/service is about, and how they'll benefit from it (unless you're a competitor).

Your site will deliver a friendly, compelling & clear message with strong calls to action.
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