Sabrina Josephs

Freelance Fashion Illustrator & Manga Artist

Location:Queens, New York, United States
Phone: 5168519811
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Hey what's up my name Sabrina i have been drawing ever since i was young.I always thought that my drawings were something special,but i just didn't know what it was and i was so afraid that didnt know to do i thought i was going to be a dead beat.Right now im 16,but in the 8th grade when i was young i would say i was investigating to see if my drawing skills would go far and when i show my designs of fashions to my friends they said they loved it so much that they wish it was real a design so they could wear.Next i wanted all my friends to grade it to see if they would give me any A,B,C,D,or F's,turn out i got alot of A,someB's,and just a few C's.I even asks all my teachers and the3y gave me A's and B's when i graduated all my friends and teachers said that i should keep going with this talent so did and got better at it and everyone i knew loved them.Then when i found out about this website i figured i should put my talent to work,so here i am telling you how i find out what i can do and seeing if i can get to work for what i can do,oh it would be so kind of you to let me work part time on a count i have school that starts at 9:37am and end at 4:00pm thank you for your time.Have a nice day and i wish you happyness where ever you go and may the lord blees you.
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Fashion Illustration
Manga Art