Ashwin Rich

Freelance CAD Freelancer & Drafting Freelancer

Location:Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
2 Skills
I am a hard worker, honest, caring, open minded and well mannered person. I am punctual, responsible efficient and loyal, and work with people, I am willing to give the company my all and willing to do what it takes to get the job done no matter what the circumstances and I’m easily adaptable to different situations.
I can offer valuable experience which I have gained working with a variety of people in different situations throughout my lifetime. Facing new challenges forms part of my offerings to give an attempt to do my best in everything to achieve success at the end of the situation. I can offer my flexibility and availability wherever it is needed in the company.
A passion for people and tolerance , patience, ability to listen and resolve problems, able to handle confrontation. I also have the ability to be a leader if given leadership in a team based situation
Self-disciplined and organized a strong sense of responsibility and loyalty. Enjoy learning new skills and concepts. I also desire to accomplish goals in the face of obstacles.

I intend to find a position that to a great extent will help me reach my full potential. This position should launch me into a successful career working with a variety of enthusiastic people to meaningful experience and with training I do believe I can and would be an asset to your company.
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