Scotti Tillery

Freelance Technical Writer & Copywriter

Location:Sandy, Utah, United States
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I am a college graduate in English professional writing. I like writing and editing which is why I decided to make a profession out of it. I have written and edited for magazines, newspapers, and amateur novelists. I am very thorough and concise in my work. I have studied great literature and technical writing to make myself a well rounded literary. I study and impose both the art and science of writing. Currently my professional experience is limited however, that makes me no less capable.


Professional Writing
Written and edited over 40 pages in technical documents such as instruction manuals, processes, and professional reviews.
Written over 10 articles for student newspaper and magazines.
As an intern wrote articles for the nationally read magazine Potato Grower Magazine.
Written analyses, critical analyses, and argumentative papers on works of art, talent performance, fiction, and non-fiction, discussing their significance, interpretation, and quality totaling nearly 300 pages.
Professional Editing
As an editing intern edited over 100 pages of magazine articles, guides, table of contents, and press releases.
Edited 2 manuscripts totaling over 700 pages for aspiring novelists.
Edited articles for a college newspaper, student magazines, student manuals and guides totaling over 200 pages.
Proficient in Adobe Suite and Microsoft Office, including InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Word, and PowerPoint, for the purpose of creating multimedia documents and advertisements for college campus activities and shows.
Created advertising campaigns as part of a group effort in preparing media for 3 professional businesses.
Public Speaking/Advertising
Presented technical documents and ad campaigns for 3 professional businesses winning all 3 times.
Public speaking totaling near 40 hours for presentations and performances both as a Master of Ceremonies and Performer.
Foreign Language
Fluent in Spanish. Learned as a service missionary in El Salvador, Central America, for the space of 2 years.
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Technical Writing