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Lauren Hicks

Freelance Article Writer & Fiction Writer

Location:Kansas City, Missouri, United States
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Brief Course History
I am a second semester Junior at my University. I am an English major concentration in journalism and also working on my Associates degree in legal studies. Throughout my college career, I have enrolled in courses to improve my writing and research skills as well as communication in reference to public speaking. Also classes in legal writing. In regard to my desired bachelor's degree choice, I have excelled in classes pertaining to journalism such as writing for the media and a course specifically focused on the growth of mass media throughout history. I participated as a writer for the University yearbook. I have also been involved in writer workshops which encourage creativity in writing. Along with sharing our creative writing pieces we also evaluated and edited one anothers pieces. I have studied multiple pieces of literature and multiple authors. I have a broad based knowledge of the literature that has succeeded in time and has shaped beliefs and understandings.
Interests/Activities and Hobbies
During my college experience, I have been exposed to the fascinating cultural experience of art history which rekindled my appreciation for painting. I have an interest in writing about art history. Though I have provided some of the interests and hobbies I have grown to value, I enjoy the opportunity to learn new skills and activities which will better my ability to mature as a journalistic writer.

Exceptional Skills
I was honored on the University of Saint Mary’s Deans List in the Spring 2010 semester. As a student in the generation of technological advances, I am proficient in using the Microsoft Works Suites including Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Publisher. My typing expertise is considerably above average which is a reflection of my ability to multitask. Comprehension and analytical summation are required within my area of interest and I have an exceptional ability to articulate my understanding of various articles.
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