Colin MacDonald

Freelance Video Editor & Wedding Photographer

Location:Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
2 Skills
Colin MacDonald

Graduate from the Screen Arts Program, Nova Scotia Community College, Dartmouth Waterfront Campus in June 2008.

Work Experience:

Forensics First LTD: September 2010-Present

Office/Post Production Assistant on 6 episode series for Smithsonian Network titled "Forensic Firsts"

Ruby Tree Films: September 2010-Present

Assistant Editor throughout the course of post production on feature documentary "Nightmare Factory"

Role of Camera Assistant during first selection of shooting for documentary.

Production assistant at Ruby Tree Films on their feature documentary "Nightmare Factory"

Foster Avenue Productions: June 2008-Present

Launched independent Production/Post Production company called Foster Avenue Productions. Purchased the necessary equipment for the company to get off it's feet in production and post production.

Began self producing numerous short films. Working as Producer, Director and Editor.

Contacted numerous local musicians and began creating live performance videos for the artists to utilize.

Began freelancing as a camera operator and editor and obtained work on a variety of local projects.

Sorcery Films May-June 2008

Worked as an Intern in the Production Office, assisting in account filing, pay roll and bank deposits.

Focused primarily as a researcher for the documentary “Women of Darkness” I researched various films of the horror genre to determine which ones were apart of the Public Domain. I also researched what companies owned the rights to the films we were using clips from.

Worked extensively in their AVID edit suite where I performed various tasks such as; digitizing the films for the Editor to view and find clips to use. I also consolidated the clips for transfer to the Editors AVID system. Also I would scan through footage and film clips to edit into a sequence that could be used to create a promotional reel for the documentary.
Film Experience

Production Assistant, "Nightmare Factory" Ruby Tree Films, 2011

Writer, Producer, Director, Editor, "The Withered Dead", Foster Avenue Productions, 2009/2010

Writer, Director, Editor, "Wake Up Call", Foster Avenue Productions, 2009

Writer, Director, Editor, "Video Difference ad #2", Foster Avenue Productions, 2009

Writer, Director, Editor, "Video Difference ad #1", Foster Avenue Productions, 2009

Camera Operator, Editor, "Headrush", It Takes a Hero Productions, 2009

Writer, Producer, Director, Editor, "Code 10-15", Foster Avenue Productions, 2009

Writer, Producer, Director, Editor, "Livingstone Place", Foster Avenue Productions, 2009

Production Assistant, "Pretty Bloody: Women of Horror", Sorcery Films LTD, 2008

Writer, Producer, Director, Editor, "Join Us", NSCC Screen Arts, 2008

“Film Etiquette and Set Safety” Alan MacLeod, (2007)

“Workers Hazardous Materials Information System” (2006)
“Occupational Health and Safety” (2006)

Skill set:

Experienced with logging and capturing footage in Final Cut Pro.

Experienced with editing raw clips together using Final Cut Pro. Also experienced with sending sequences between various softwares included in the Final Cut Studio package.

Capabale to perform a sound edit using either Final Cut Pro or Soundtrack Pro.

Experienced with exporting a final movie file with proper compression type then using the file to create and build a DVD with menus in DVD Studio pro 2.

Experienced working within Final Cut Studio as well as After Effects.