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Ronald Calica

Freelance Digital Artist, Fantasy Artist, & More

Location:Makati City, Manila, Philippines
4 Skills
I am a 2D Senior Game Artist that focuses on Conceptual Art, Background Art, Character Illustration, Creature Illustration, Props illustration, Animations and UI Designs for mobile games. I have been working in this industry for over 6 years now. I have also trained and manage other artists in this field. I am an artist with a wide range of styles from realistic, semi- realistic, fantasy and cartoon style. I am also adept in transforming these artworks into western or eastern styles depending on the clients needs.

I am very proficient with Photoshop which is the software i use in all my projects.

I always give my best work in the project i do, but as always it depends on the budget.

I am only available to work during the WEEKENDS since i have a regular job working for a mobile company.


I graduated with honors at the Arts Institute of San Diego, California with a Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Animation. I have worked for companies like Shilo.TV, Sony, Machine Union, N8 Ways LLC and Fargo Studios Inc.

I have also given some time in freelance when ever i have some available time and was able to create book cover art, card games, board games and personal artworks.

I am currently working and living in the Phillipines and will be staying here.

Please let me know if you need anything.

You can contact me here or at