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Freelance Fantasy Artist & Sci Fi Artist

Location:Ramsgate, Kent, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 07957 903236
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Having graduated in 2009 with a BA Hons in Illustration from the University for the Creative Arts in Maidstone, I was keen to develop a career as an Illustrator. My intention was to specifically focus on the area of comic books and concept design, however I feel I should not just limit myself to these two areas and instead have looked at all types of visual narrative work.

My strengths lie in my idea generation, allowing me to come up with a variety of designs in order to explore the client's brief thoroughly. I would like to think that this includes exciting and creative solutions that stand out thanks to my unique style of illustrating. My most recent commission has been for several Role Playing adventure books titled "Alien Earth", which has included designing original characters and objects alongside illustrating them. These have included tribes, armour, weapons, vehicles, animals, monsters and robots to name a few; which are all fantasy and science-fiction based.

I have created dozens of variations for each in order to produce the best design and illustrations possible; and whilst several of the descriptions have been quite challenging I have managed to work my way through them so that the client was extremely happy. Previous commissioned work has included five comic pages and one cover for internet comic book company Rocket Galaxy Comics.


• Communication: keeping in touch with the client on a constant basis. Sending rough ideas and developmental work in order to receive feedback and suggestions, and to better strengthen the design process.
• Research: before starting any project will thoroughly research into any and all areas that could be related to the brief. This is in order to acquire a better understanding of the subject matter, as well as aiding in idea generation.
• Problem Solving: will fully explore all areas of the brief in order to produce the most successful product. This means understanding the brief and making sure that the designs compliment the narrative of the project.
• Flexible and Adaptable: the ability to adapt to a variety of different design needs depending on the project. Familiar with characters, a variety of armour, weapons and equipment, creatures and animals, an assortment of vehicles, as well as maps.
• Idea Generation: will provide the client with a large amount of developmental work in order to allow them an understanding of the direction the design is going. This involves creating dozens of variations until the client is happy with a successful final product.
• Producing work to strict deadlines: both academically and at work; effectively multi-tasking with other projects consecutively, organising work methodically and managing time in order to finish jobs on schedule.
• Drawing: an extensive background in observational and location drawing that reinforces areas of design. Fully capable of drawing humans, vehicles, animals, and buildings that allows a great deal of variety when creating designs and illustration.
• Illustration: is able to create exciting images to fully take advantage of the look and feel of the designs, giving a dynamic sense of action to the scene. Also fully capable of creating comic-book page layouts and other sequential design work
• ICT: experienced in using Photoshop up to CS3, used mostly to colour work but also to draw directly in. Familiar with Wacom Bamboo tablet which has been used to draw directly into Photoshop. Willing to learn new software packages to better develop my skills.


• October 2011 - April 2012: Concept Artist and Illustrator for Role Playing book "Alien Earth"

- Creating a variety of characters and assets to be featured in an upcoming Role Playing book, based on a futuristic post-apocalyptic story.
- Designs include powered armour, human tribes, weapons, creatures, and vehicles
- Creating a straightforward drawing that best shows off the final design
- Illustration of supporting scenes that show each of the designs in the context of the narrative
- Work to a set format dictated by it being a book. 300Dpi and CMYK colour
- Uploading artwork so that the employer can easily download them

• 2010: Comic Artist for Rocket Galaxy Comics, New York

- Creating single-page comic stories based on a script written by the commissioner
- Keeping to the spirit of the other comics that appear on the website and making sure it can easily be identified as a part of a collective; whilst also infusing my own personality into the piece
- Designing all the characters that are to appear in the comics
- Creation of the roughs, pencil drawings, inked lines, colour and text.
- Working to the required format: web based use at 72Dpi and RGB Colour


? BA (Hons) Illustration 2:1 at University for the Creative Arts, Maidstone (2009)
? BTEC Diploma in Foundation Studies (Art & Design) – Merit (2005)
? NCFE Level 3 Certificate in Creative Craft in Graphic Crafts (2005)
? ‘A’ levels: Film Studies (B), 3D Design (D), Art (B) at Ursuline College, Westgate (2003-4)
? ‘A/S’ levels: ICT and General Studies (2002)
? GCSEs: 10 including English and Maths, Art (A) and Resistant Material (B)

Personal Details

• My interests include design and illustration, films and animation, computer games – interacting with others via the internet whilst playing. I have also successfully built my own computer and created my own website.
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Fantasy Art
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