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Everett Soren

Freelance Writer & Voiceover Freelancer

Location:orange, California, United States
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I'm a smart go getter who will not stop till the job is done and done right. I love to write and have been doing so my whole life.I have done every thing from short stories and poems to articals and sport history doc even stand up sets and review articals for local mags on movies tv and even on the wine&balloon festival in temacula. I'm working on a book right called amish btk (title work in progress). As for voice work I can mimic any voice human or cartoon new or old like kermit the frog snoop dog and make up new unheard voices all the time I can go as deep as you want or as high as you need I have done cartoons for friends youtube videos that everyone loves. Plus I have done fact checking not only for my self and my pubs but for local pubs like inland empire and empire news. fact checking is somthing I love to do
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