James McDonall

Freelance Manual Writer & Article Writer

Location:Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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I earned an Honours degree in English from York University in 1990, then life took me in a rather odd direction: at a time when post-grads were thrilled with a fast-food gig I managed to get my toe caught in the Insurance door, and the rest of me soon followed.

Now, a successful 23 years later, I am at last pursuing my original dream - to use the skills I worked so hard to develop such a long time ago. I practice every day - whether paid or not. I write poems, stories, essays, and articles. I am currently working on a collection of short stories and a stage play. I can also edit copy: as a trained deconstructionist I have the ability to crystallize complex ideas into easily digestible precis. My goal is self-sufficiency and more in my originally-chosen field.

Life in insurance taught me a lot of things. It taught me that communication is the most important factor in the human condition; it is what sets us apart from the other animals because as sentient beings with the capacity for analysis, our best chance at harmony and conviction comes from clarity in our communication. It also taught me about investigation and research, and the importance of good organization for an interview. It taught me the importance of accuracy, and of accuracy of intention - ask yourself: are you saying what you think you're saying?

I'm enjoying my new iteration - doing what I feel I was born to do - work with words. I hope you'll consider working with me on your next project. Please contact me and let's discuss the possibilities.

James S. McDonall
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