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Michelle Mickey

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Location:carter, Oklahoma, United States
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I have an extreme active imagination which help me with my writing. i can write about any subject. I have the ablities to look at a flower and write a wonderful poem about it. Just as example. My subject of story and poems range from love, lose of someone. I am also working on my own children book in which hope to finish soon and get publish. In the mean time I would love to start a career in writing from home.

Here is a poem that I have written in October of 2008. It is about lost.

A Broken Heart
By Michelle Mickey

A broken heart is hard to heal.
Expectly when someone you love is not here.
The pain echo's your chest louder with each passing day.
As you struggle to get over the lost.
While all the tears are dried up from the day you've spend crying.
Longing to feel their touch
To see their face, simply to hear there voice again.
Lending on the edge, feeling there no choice.
Searching for hope, love, peace, something to take it all away.
Your mind wants to let go, but your heart wont.
You pray for the agony to stop.
And when it don't you drown your sorrows.
Cursing god, asking why?
Then wishing for mercy on your soul.
They say "what won't **** you will make you stronger."
However with all the strength in the world it won't bring them back.
It seems as the days goes by it get easier.
But what they don't know you've learned how to hide the pain.
To buried it deep within the pit of your stomach with every swallow you take.
It doesn't matter with all the alcohol, drugs, and *** that can be consume.

Theirs memories will Never Fade.

Hope you enjoy. Thank You.
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