Steve Townsend

Freelance Event Photographer & Article Writer

Location:Duluth, Minnesota, United States
Phone: 218-391-6458
2 Skills
I am a published columnist. I currently write a bi-weekly column for a weekly newspaper. I write from a conservative political viewpoint. My work is well received and well read even by those who disagree with my political perspectives. I am usually far ahead of my time and the "competition". I am looking to write a weekly column for anyone willing to pay for quality work coming from a technician with excellent, unique and intriguing insight.

I am 47 years old and have been working since the age of seven so my thoughts and opinions are based on experience.

I am also a personal, professional, business and corporate coach but accept a limited number of clients...again, those who are willing to pay for unique and laser insight.

I am an operational and organizational consultant with specialties in corrections and small business. I do NOT do financial auditing nor do I have any interest in it. I accept clients based on my availability and interest. If I can help you, I will work with you. If I cannot, I will tell you.

I also write spiritual columns. I do not subscribe to an organized religion and my spiritual views, while at times controversial, apply across all denominations. I am an accomplished public speaker.

I ran for public office so I am very familiar with the political world and sensitivities. I do political consulting as well. Candidates running for elected office pay me to help them navigate populations, draft speeches, develop strategies and respond to opponents. I also help them research the important and pertinent issues of the day for a given population.

I am a happy guy with a wife and two children, 16 and 19 so I am familiar with all those issues as well (child rearing, education, etc.).

I have competed in numerous sports at different times in my life and currently compete in alpine skiing and sailing. I have formerly taught, coached or competed in the following; alpine, nordic and water skiing, golf, football, baseball, swimming, track, sailing, various martial arts and yoga, boxing, road and mountain biking, in-line and ice hockey, rock climbing.

I was on a special operations unit in the correctional industry as well as a training specialist so I have taught firearms and marksmanship, police physical fitness and self-defense, various chemical agents and less lethal devices, search and restraints, cell extractions, ethics, interviewing and interrogation, and practically anything related to law enforcement and operating in a correctional environment including probation and parole. I attained an executive level position (Assistant Warden) in the correctional field so I am intimately familiar with all aspects of corrections and immigration detention.

I have participated in two ground searches for missing persons (one for a missing plane and one for a missing, and ultimately murdered woman) which familiarized me with the NTSB, Civil Air Patrol and various aspects of the aviation industry. My family organized a volunteer ground and air search for my sister who was a passenger on a small plane that went down in the woods of Wisconsin. The search lasted 22 days.

I have participated in every imaginable type of investigation from *******, to drugs, to organized theft rings and I am adept at every aspect of investigations and law enforcement.