Teresa Leung

Freelance 3D Animator & Animator

Location:Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
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Who we are

MOGO, pronounced [moh-goh] and acronym for “Men Of Gay Origin,” offers premium body-flattering tee-shirts made with the softest fabrics and the least amount of damage to the planet. We celebrate and promote individuality through unification, pride, and freedom of expression.

We want our customers to be proud of whoever they are, for this reason our tagline is “Power of G”. What is ‘G’ you may ask. Our answer: ‘G’ can be a lot of things. It could be gorgeous (when you are feeling sassy), it could be ****** (when you're feeling sexy), it could be Gaga (when you're feeling feisty), and it could even be God (when you need some company). The answer is there is no single answer. "G" is whatever you desire it to be.

What we sell

MOGO sells the softest (so we think) eco-friendly printed t-shirts made of bamboo and organic cotton, anti-bacterial tank tops that are certified by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and baseball caps made from recycled plastic bottles. So not only do our clothes feels great the skin, it makes the conscience feel pretty damn good too.

Our designs are quite clever too. If you've ever found yourself wondering just how nutritious a BEAR really is MOGO's design lab has found an answer.

What is our market

Our market are gay men in North America ages 21 and above who are environmentally conscious and enjoy quality clothing.

What we stand for

We are advocates for gay teens. This year we will be partnering with QMunity (BC’s ***** Resource Center) to mentor teens on personal leadership. Furthermore, we are sponsoring a fundraiser with LOUD (the Gay and Lesbian Business Associations foundation) to raise funds for scholarships for GLBT students in BC.

What we need

Comic character to represent our company.
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3D Animation