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Erica Laley

Freelance Portrait Artist & Portrait Painter

Location:Denver, Colorado, United States
Phone: 720-331-6405
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Truth is all in perception, our own perception; the body of real things, events and facts as we see them individually. Art is expressive, raw, alive, moving, repulsive, scary, adoring and spiritual. Every feeling we can tap into we can imagine because of the beauty that lies in individuality. We need truth to be a part of art so that it won't be squelched by the common. It gives us the freedom to produce and see something that is sincere and honest about the way we perceive the world, our imagination and our history. When I view or create art, I usually gravitate towards a certain subject that stimulates a feeling in me that can be hard to conceive. Ive noticed lately that a lot of the art I enjoy is somewhat grotesque, dark and in the female form. I think that my attraction to these types of images comes from a feeling I try to avoid acknowledging; feeling alone, insecure and scared. I know deep down I can't avoid these feelings and need to work on them so I become intrigued and drawn to the images that mirror my internal conflicts. They also allow me to see the beauty in life as it is with flaws. I find beauty in asymmetrical, awkward forms of the human anatomy that stems from the negative attitude i have towards our society putting so much emphasis and pressure on people to achieve physical perfection. Other forms of art that I am drawn to provide a child-like fantasy I yearn for, the world without limits we see as children and can sometimes lose as adults.
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