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Marcia Barager

Freelance Editor & Proofreader

Location:Winter Park, Florida, United States
Phone: 407-252-8927
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Marcia V. Barager
Writer / Educator / Artist

This gratifying feedback from previous clients (ODesk) stands as my best endorsement.
"As a competent and creative writer with an excellent command of English, as well as love for books, Marcia will be an asset to anyone who is shrewd enough to seek her assistance. She will go the extra mile to make your work glitter. Great job Marcia!"
"Professionals who can hit the ground running on a job that involves a product or technology they're entirely new to are rare indeed. In an extremely limited period of time, Marcia produced an excellent white paper on a rather complex new product, working from only my set of very scrambled and disorganized notes. I was very impressed and would definitely recommend her writing services."
"Marcia is personable, professional, dedicated… and, as a lovely bonus, funny. I was happy with her work!"

The bulk of my background is in the Arts, Theater, Writing and Marketing. I've taught and tutored English and writing for the last 10 years. I'm Certified in Florida to teach Language Arts, Writing and Social Science through high school. Most recently, I consulted with a
start-up restaurant, collaborating on the development of their concept, menu design, interior design and marketing strategy (including web design and business plan). I'm an SAT Writing coach and currently write Marketing and Promotional copy for a local newspaper.

The scope and depth depth of my experience informs my writing and provides sufficient background for a wide variety of projects. I know food. I know Art. I know construction and education. I know grant writing and project management. I am well-read and have a facility with and genuine love of the English language. I love to write and help others do it better, am a quick study with the majority of what I've attempted and proving myself to be an asset at most .

Teaching in the public school system requires:
-- creativity, compassion, negotiation skills and the ability to organize and plan.
-- tolerance, patience and spontaneity, dedication and a good work ethic
-- a sincere desire and ability to engage others, however reluctant, in learning
-- better than average computer literacy- Word, Open Office, Excel, Powerpoint, Photo Shop + technical confidence with hardware
-- a sense of humor

Theatrical Art Direction and Scenic Arts requires:
-- Design and Feasibility expertise
-- Customer/Client Relations skills- negotiating, pricing, project management
-- The ability to lead as well as collaborate with others
-- The ability to work within a budget and deadlines.
-- The ability to think outside the box, solve problems and meet deadlines
-- A willingness to consider anther’s point of view with a goal of understanding it.
Writing and Consulting have required:
-- Interview Skills
-- Precision Promotional Writing limited to 350 word
-- Photography Composition Skills
-- Business Plan Development
-- Concept and Marketing Research, Design and Development
-- Graphic Design

Florida Professional Teaching Certificate (#811560) -
Social Science 5-9 & 6-12
English 6-12
Integrated Curriculum

AA- Fine Arts
BSW- Juvenile/Criminal Justice

ODesk- Editing, Web Content, Creative Writing, Ebook Design, Marketing Current

TEXTBROKER- BIO's, copywriting Current

Deland, FL
A+ TUTOR U- Tutoring for Elem/Middle & High School Language Arts 2010

THE LEARNING CENTER - SAT Writing Coach Current

MCGRAW HILL - Standardized testing- Writing Evaluator 2009/11

Cooper Dr./Lexington, Ky 40602 Contacts: Mary Rouse, Nancy Dixon
Adjunct- Remedial/Developmental – Reading & Writing

ORANGE COUNTY SCHOOLS -Classroom 2001-06 Teaching
6th Grade Social Studies
9th Grade Remedial Language Arts
World History/Geography, Language Arts, Reading and Civics / Government
Substitute Teaching- 1998-2002

VALENCIA STATE COLLEGE- Adjunct- Virginia McKinney (Faculty Supervisor) 2003 407-967-6988
Costume Design & Supervision of student crew with all facets of costuming a theatrical production.
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