Michael Quest

Freelance Drawer & Painter

Location:Glendale, California, United States
Phone: 888-738-0883
Website: http://www.artwanted.com/pudelko
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Drawing has been one of the most exciting and enjoyable parts of my life. Since I was able to hold a pencil in my left hand I was intrigued and challenged to be able to put on paper what I saw with my eyes. I have pursued this career over the years in school and college and ultimately received my B.S. In Art Education from the University of Michigan with my major art major being in painting. I have a real love for realism and I am experienced in the necessary essentials of drawing including composition, line, shade, form, one and two point perspective, facial drawing, figure drawing and knowledge of drawing material.

Painting has also always been an integral part of my artistic experience since I was a teenager and ultimately became my art school major. Although abstract and conceptual design painting were always popular, it was realism that did it for me. Being able to capture what the eye sees and accurately reproduce it on canvas has always fascinated me, so much so, that I studied for years various natural subject matter such as waves on the beach, colorful sunsets, animals and configurations of trees. Through this intense study I am able to instructor others in the conventions of painting and the use of color theory to productively recreate images as well as make realistic imaginary scenes.
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