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Christy Oeur

Freelance Fiction Writer & Blog Writer

Location:Wichita, Kansas, United States
Phone: 3167373308
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Writer and creative critical thinker with extensive experience working with upstart organizations such as LLC, Nonprofit, entrepreneurial, and self employment, looking for career prospects by branching into established companies.

Wichita State University – Wichita, KS
LAS Bachelor’s of English, Dec 2011
Skills include:
-Proficiency in Microsoft Word, including “Track Changes”
-80 WPM
-Over 36 hours in English and Writing Workshops perfecting grammar, vocabulary usage, and creative writing
-high levels of comprehension in reading
The Bike Cave
May 2011-Present
• Nonprofit organization started by members including myself to advocate bicycle maintenance, commuting, and events
• Current Interim Board Member and Treasurer
• Creating high quality content for online and offline purposes, promotional tools, office management, social media events, etc.
• Developing fundraising strategies, events, and maintaining contacts for contributions, donations, and labor
• Email, social networking, in person, and phone communications with event organizers and members

Thai House Restaurant
June 2003-Present
? Business communications, advertisements, networking
? Created menu descriptions and store signs
? Cooking, cleaning, register, credit card settlement, and customer service

Violin Lessons by Christy Oeur, January 2012-Present
? Weekly 30 min violin lessons for beginner students, outlining homework assignments, organizing performances
? Self managed scheduling, finances, and professional learning atmosphere
English Tutor for undergraduate students, August 2011-Present
• Self employed editing and feedback for English 101 students

ICT Rollergils, LLC
• President, Board Member, Speaker of the League, Member of Events Committee, 2 years experience
• Organized fundraisers, developed and distributed content for online and offline purposes, fliers, social media events, etc
• Arranged monthly league meetings, wrote and announced State of the League speeches, and maintained monthly agenda
• Email, social networking, in person, and phone communications with event organizers and committee members.

• Band Performance, Bellafonte – Booking, travel, online/offline promoting, audio recording, radio, finances, interviews, press packet, performances for Tall Grass Film Festival, Pride Fest, KWCH Eyewitness News, fundraisers, disaster relief shows, etc. , 5 years experience
Writing: blogs; personal blog –, articles for moderncultclassic.c
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Fiction Writing
Blog Writing