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Lauren Elizalde

Freelance Illustrator & Technical Illustrator

Location:La Verne, California, United States
2 Skills
My goal is not only to bring inspiration and change to those around me, but also to make a difference and impact in the art community. Art has become a necessity, a requirement to further inspire the masses, and to add a wanting to a piece, to illustrate a willingness to live; to create the sensation of elation, *******, completeness, or fulfillment upon the viewing of art.
The complexity and hidden meanings in a piece bring forward an impact, eternally prolific, each detail entailing a precise message for every individual. Each decision when made must be definite; color and media play a massive role, and help to open the conversation with the artist. The viewer’s reaction is what every artist lives for, to see the understanding and possibly the metamorphosis of their soul just from the spectacle of the design.
My occupation, as an illustrator, is to plant a certain meaning or message into a work, and to influence your interpretation and understanding of the background story in a piece. It is frustrating and painful for both you, as the viewer, and me as the artist, but in the end, we are together.