Artur Vasilevich

Freelance Mural Painter & Nature Animal Illustrator

Location:North Royalton, Ohio, United States
2 Skills
Home: 440-572-8359

Born: 1964, in Mosty, Belarus
Since 1995 resides in USA.

1976 - 1982 - BFA in Painting, State Art School for Gifted in Minsk, Belarus.
1985 – 1990 - MFA in Monumental and Decorative Art, Belarusian State Academy of Arts: studied techniques of mural, fresco, mosaic, stain-glass, glaze painting on ceramic tiles, lime-stone curving, egg tempera, wax, oil, watercolor, etc.
1991 – 1994 - Creative Work Shop Art Academy of USSR (PhD) - Artist of the Monumental and Decorative Arts.
1993 – Member of Belarusian Artists Union.

2005-2009 ¬¬_ 2 murals (total 650 sq. feet) “Region’s Fauna and Flora”, Belli’s dental office, Kent, OH, mural “Underwater World” (230 sq. feet), Columbus, OH, mural on the 3-4 stories barrel ceilings (128 SQ. FEET) Westlake, OH, mural on canvas “Meditation Evening” (170”x 56”) Carmel, CA, mural on ceiling “Martini Glasses”(1200 sq. feet), composition of painted sculptures, 8 outside and 4 “Great Venetian Masks” inside, of building, 20/20 Center Rd., Cleveland, OH, stained glass windows for (total 50 square feet ) in Mother of God of Zyrovicy Church, Strongsville, OH
1998-2004 – Made a mural (650 sq.feet) “Fauna and Flora”, a mural on the frieze of the “Johnny’s-bistro”(212 sq.feet), murals on ceiling “Fight with tiger”, “Three graces” (total – 120sq.feet), a mural painting “Dreams of Chechen Itza” for spring National City Home and Garden Show (100 sq.feet), a mural “Open window” (120 sq.feet), mural “Lake Erie” (420 sq.feet), mural on ceiling “Good vs. evil” (450 sq.feet) – includes more 100 figures.
2000 - Made stain glass window (45 square feet) inside-outside view in Mother of God of Zyrovicy Church (Strongsville, OH).
1997 – Won a mural competition and made mural painting “Celebration of Cleveland” (20x35 feet) in Historical district of Downtown Cleveland.
1995-1996 – Made a realistic composition on the biblical subject – an altar part “Our Lady of Mf.Cormel Church”-460 sq.feet, gold, leaf, oil (Wyandotte, Michigan), the altar part of Greece Orthodox Church “Mother of God”, “Two Angels”-49sq.feet,acrylic, canvas (Detroit, Michigan).
1991-1994 – Made Design of the classical stain-glass windows in National State Library in Minsk, Belarus.
1990 - Made a fresco on ceiling & walls of District Health Center “Hymn of Beauty” to order of the City Council of Minsk, Belarus - 790 square feet; a mural on ceramic tiles “Memento Mori” (80 painted underglazing ceramic tiles).
1989-1987 – Made a lime stone “Seasons” on facade of district agriculture center (Kobrin, Belarus) – 1770 sq.feet, 3 levels color lime carving; a lime stone “Night Rendezvous” of the lobby of district cultural center (Kobrin, Belarus) – 550 sq.feet, 3 levels color lime carving; a lime stone “Fauna and Flora” in Children Recreation Center ”Belarus” to the order Lithuanian Ministry of Health (Druskeninkaj, Lithuania) – 390 sq.feet, 3 levels color lime carving; a lime stone “Folk traditions” on the freeze of a Cultural Center (Grodno, Belarus) – 1076 sq.feet, 3 levels color lime carving.

2007-2008 – Composition of 8 sculptures outside, 4 Venetian Masks, 9 feet cross each, and 26 feet high “Great Pizza Maker”.
1994-1995 - Restored Middle Ages XYI-XIX century churches in Germany by invitation of German-Polish restoration company EXIM.
1990 – Made a monument on the East Cemetery (Baranovichy, Belarus) – carving stone 2x3x1 feet.
1988 – Made a fountain in the park, an architectural, sculptural composition of a Cultural Center order of Local Council (Grodno, Belarus) – 30x30x30 sq. feet, natural stone, mosaic, copper.
1987 – Made a series of five figures wood sculptures outside of Children Garden (Minsk, Belarus) – 8x1x1.

SOLO: 2010 – Mishin Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA, 2007 - Opus Gallery, 2002 – Cellura design inc. 1997 – Eddie Moved Gallery.
SELECTED: 2006 – Greenhouse Gallery, San Antonio, TX, Peninsula Museum of Art, Belmont, CA, 2005 – OIA, New York, NY, LBA, Long Beach, CA, 2004 – Peninsula Museum of Art, Belmont, CA Avalanche Gallery; New York, NY, 2003 - World Trade Center Site Competition, LMDC, New York, NY, 2002 – WKYC – TV (Channel 3), Cleveland, OH, 1999 – International competition “Millennium 2000”, Piscataway, NJ, 1994 – Belarusian State Museum of Arts, Minsk, Belarus, National State TV, Minsk, Belarus. WAS REPRESENTED: Carla Gallery, Powel Street Gallery, San Francisco, CA. Grant Gallery, New York, NY; Brenda Kroose Gallery; Griffon Gallery; Blue Moon Gallery; Art Avenue Gallery, D’Jonout Gallery; Opus Gallery; Spaces Gallery
TV – Channel 8 News, -Channel 5 , - Channel 3 News. Cleveland, OH

Fall 2008 - Wine & Travel complimentary magazine (cover), Monterey Bay, CA
February 20, 2008 – The plain Dealer / Business (cover), Cleveland, OH
September 8-14, 2007 – Crain’s Cleveland Business, OH, May 17, 2007 – Currents, OH
2006 – Beaux & Eros catalog PMA, Belmont, CA
March 23, 2003, April 2002, November 1999, July 6 and July30, 2007 – The Plain Dealer
February 2002 and November 1997 – Russian Magazine, OH
April 2002 – Art Crowd magazine, New York, NY
April 2002 – Prospect, Cleveland, OH
2002 – WKYC – TV (Channel 3) catalog, Cleveland, OH
April 1999 – Windsor& Newton Reference Letter regard “Expectation” painting
July 1997 – Northern Ohio Life magazine, OH
February 2002 and January 1996 – The News-Herald, OH
January 17 1996 – Heritage Newspaper, MI
March 1994 (cover) and March 1991 – Mastatstva (ART) magazine, Minsk, Belarus
December 1992 – Dobri Vechar (Good Evening), Belarus