Jezabel Montero

Freelance Spanish Translator & Comedy Writer

Location:Hoboken, New Jersey, United States
Phone: 201-725-8497
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I am a bilingual actor, writer, director producer of films and plays. I am Cuban American and have been working in the entertainment industry in both Spanish and English since I was a child.

One Marineview Plaza #13B Hoboken, NJ 07030 201-792-1082
OBJECTIVE: To utilize my skills and talents to in order to ultimately benefit my employer.
EDUCATION: Miami-Dade College, Miami, FL
• Associates in Arts Degree – Summa *** Laude University of California, Los Angeles – Los Angeles, CA
• Bachelor of Arts – Theatre Major/Psychology Minor – *** Laude NJ Teacher Certificate of Eligibility
PRODUCTION EXPERIENCE: No Clout Productions-Founder/ Film Producer – 2007-present
“Blondes Are Latin Too” – 2007 A humorous short documentary about the reverse discrimination a blonde, blue-eyed Latina faces in the entertainment industry.
• Produced, wrote and directed all aspects of documentary from the hiring of the editor; scouting locations; scheduling appointments for interviewing experts; conducting interviews; writing interview formats; creating imaginative concepts to further themes; co-editing
“The Basement” – 2010 A dark comedy thriller where a man traps a woman in a basement and a kidnapping is not what it seems.
• Produced and directed all aspects of the short narrative film from pre to post; from hiring to scouting locations. A two-day shoot under very challenging circumstances. Supervised and collaborated with a fifteen person crew
Co-founder/Artistic Director/Producer of Theatre Company 2003-present
Kismet Theatre Company – Nonprofit - Hoboken, NJ • Responsible for all aspects of the production of plays. Administrative
duties; casting; hiring of qualified crew; scouting for theatre venue,
knowledge of pre-production, and production, including, box office
ticketing, promotions, publicity, etc.. • Responsible for all fundraising and grant writing. Knowledge of
bookkeeping and all fiscal matters, as well as, artistic matters. • Responsibility over archives and documentation of all theatre
production activities. “Chewing Mother’s Bones” – Produced theatrical play –2004
“Cassanova Was A Woman” – producer/director/sound designer/lighting designer for a highly, elaborate staged reading - 2009
Radio: Producer/Writer/Host/Anchor 1995-2001
Radio UNICA 1480 AM – New York, New York • Creating a developing a one hour talk show with emphasis on
Cultural/Artistic affairs in the New York metro area • Writing/recording promos/commercials/ads for the show. • Involved in every aspect of the show’s production; researching the
daily topics relevant to the show’s format, booking guests, writing and
commenting on the relevant topic. • As a host, keeping the program lively and interesting
Co-producer/Writer/Host of Radio Talk Show
Radio WADO 1280 AM – New York, New York • Creating an entertaining talk show about artists and their art • Inviting/researching guests and their work • Interviewing guests; promoting guests’ work
Radio Announcer/Anchor
Metro/Shadow Traffic/Clear Channel – New York, New York • Responsible for gathering traffic/news information for morning
drive and writing the reports in a cohesive, informative
manner. • Translated all commercial spots from English to Spanish for
company. • Reporting on-air traffic/news in a timely, entertaining fashion,
while bantering and improvising with morning show co-host for several popular AM and FM radio stations.
WRITER: Miami’s Resume - Co-writer 1992
• Screenplay about discrimination in show business amongst the Latino acting community in Miami, FL.
The Doctor Is Out 1993
• Sitcom Pilot about a psychologist, whose personal life seems to be more dysfunctional than her patients’ lives.
Blondes are Latin Too 2005
• A short screenplay documentary, with a humorous point of view, about a very fair skinned, blue-eyed, blonde actress who suffers reverse discrimination in show business.
The Obsolete Artist 2005
• A political satire/theatrical play set in a surreal futuristic place where the artist who practices his art is charged with being a criminal, while the rulers and enforcers of these laws are the corporate elite men, who also,
happen to be the police.
Casanova Was a Woman 2008
• A surreal screenplay comedy about a woman discovering her bi-sexuality and confronting herself, her subconscious, imaginary “Fantasy Man” and her Latino family with the surprising news.
The Duke and Duchess of Queens 2010

The Basement

Screenplay dramedy about two children from different cultural backgrounds, who fall in love and grapple with the hardships of growing up poor in1970’s Queens, New York.
A short, dark comedy thriller about a kidnapping that is not exactly what it seems.
Writing for Radio Talk Shows
• See above under production experience
Metro/Shadow Traffic and News – New York, New York • Writing news and traffic reports for various radio stations. • Condensing news/traffic reports that came over AP into one minute station
required format • Translating news/traffic/product copy from English to Spanish.
Kismet Theatre Company Fundraiser– 2003 Kismet Theatre Company Fundraiser – 2005 Kismet Theatre Co./No Clout Prods Fundraiser – 2008 Kismet Theatre Co./No Clout Prods. Fundraiser - 2010
• Organized all aspects of benefit performance event. Acquiring sponsors for food and beverages. Promoting event with flyers, postcards, mailings and advertisements. Creating and directing
1995-2001 1995-2001
entertainment line up. Hiring crew for the event. MC of event. Delegating and supervising individual responsibilities for the event. Creating and promoting an event that will entice people to support and donate funds to the arts. Responsible for set up and breakdown of event. All events were successful in raising target funds.
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Acting, dancing, radio anchor, hosting, translator, chef, computer proficiency, athleticism, bilingual (fluency/ proficiency in English/Spanish)