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Nikole McDonald Jones (Spooni*)

Freelance Fantasy Artist, Book Cover Designer, & More

Location:Richmond, Virginia, United States
Phone: 804-299-8670
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Name's Nikole Jones i almost always go by SPOONI* in the art world...This Portfolio is updated monthly with new completed work.
Hire me to add some zest, practical storytelling, and a vast skill set to your project. Since I know a fair bit about most topics, when you hire Spooni* not only are you getting schooled art skills but YEARS of personal research and knowledge all packed into your assignment; hence creating a decidedly unique piece for you. I bring PROMPTNESS to your project! I am a sequential artist, conceptual artist, and all around innovative creative, excited to display my ardor for storytelling and artistry. I am an avid comic and graphic novel reader since the age of 7. Started drawing in the “superhero” style in ‘89 and haven't ceased in developing skill and passion since.
A terrific sense of humor is my main way of making friends and passing the time with colleagues. I work well within a circle of creatives (though am happily comfortable working alone at my drawing table), I gain much joy spattering about ideas and doodles, panels and dialogue with a group of artists and writers to ultimately tell a special tale. I follow directions well and can translate freshly conceived ideas onto a paneled canvas. You'll find on my resume; alongside all my artistic skill, that I have a healthy active acting ability, voice over work, and musical talent; these skills all come into telling a story EFFECTIVELY so you'll see how versatile and complete my ability to create is and how invaluable an asset I am to you.