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Nikole McDonald Jones (Spooni*)

Freelance Fantasy Artist, Book Cover Designer, & More

Location:Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Phone: 804-299-8670
4 Skills
I am Nikole McDonald-Jones (Spooni*) I write, draw, illustrate and design primarily for the Games Industry. Primary Skills: Concept Art, Illustration, Production Art (e.g. BoxArt), Character Specs, Hard Surface Specs

Visual Art Skills
Practiced in Traditional pencils, inks, paints for illustration, live drawing, sketching, conceptual work for brainstorming and problem-solving. Oil/Acrylic/Guache Painting. Engineer's Drafting Techniques & Tools such as Rapidographs and French Curves.
Practiced in Digital painting for Concept Art in games and comics. Graphic Design. Product Branding and Marketing for Flyers, Programs, and Large Format Trade Show materials. Various Graphic Design projects also completed for Vehicle wraps and Billboards.

Computer Skills
Fluent in Adobe's Creative Suite; particularly Photoshop (since 1992) and Premiere (since 1998),
AutoDesk Sketchbook Pro, Painter, OpenOffice (since 2002), Excel, Linux/Unix/Sun Microsystems, Microsoft
Operating Systems, 3d StudioMax. I also possess the knowledge of working in Epic’s UE4 and Bethesda’s
Skyrim Creation Kit. I am familiar with Crash Logs and how to read them such as BOSS, Window Event Viewer,
Grep and a few others; as no one log finds every bug. I have programmed in many languages from Pascal, Cobalt, and Visual Basic to XHTML and PHP. I currently build inside of Wordpress for the speed and ease of use. I have used many of the industry standards, such as SoftImage, Quark, Bryce, Dreamweaver, and Poser, over the years but have since upgraded.

Other Skills
Active in game testing communities; particularly failure testing, alpha and beta testing dealing with quality assurance. I am currently testing for Mod Authors on and the toolset. I have also completed many Book Layouts and Designs.

Hire me to add some zest, practical storytelling, and a vast skill set to your project. Since I know a fair bit about most topics, when you hire Spooni* not only are you getting schooled art skills but YEARS of personal research and knowledge all packed into your assignment; hence creating a decidedly unique piece for you. I bring PROMPTNESS to your project! I am a sequential artist, conceptual artist, and all around innovative creative, excited to display my ardor for storytelling and artistry.
I work well within a circle of creatives (though am happily comfortable working alone at my drawing table), I gain much joy tossing about ideas and doodles, panels and dialogue with a group of artists and writers to ultimately tell a special tale. I follow directions well and can translate freshly conceived ideas onto a paneled canvas. You'll find on my resume; alongside all my artistic skill, that I have a healthy active acting ability, voice over work, and musical talent; these skills all come into telling a story EFFECTIVELY so you'll see how versatile and complete my ability to create is and how invaluable an asset I am to you.