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Hello! I saw your add and I am very interested in this position. My name is Brittany Reiher and I am a William Paterson University graduate with a degree in English writing. I enjoy writing more than anything and have true creative juices that are always flowing. I am a published children’s book author and my first book called “Birthday at the Museum” came out last month.
I have a lot of freelance experience and many of the focused on “thinking outside the box.” I have done work for Pearson editing textbook chapters and doing online resource guides. I have also don’t freelance work for Macy’s, creating articles based off of given key words selling the items to the customers. I have worked for writing articles about home décor, pets, and travel. I also had my own education blog. I was also an intern for the website writing wedding articles when the site first went up. Right now I am working as a teaching assistant so I would write about my experiences dealing with special education children. I also just currently started writing a blog for a new site called NYCWave and the website
As you can see I have many different experiences when it comes to writing. This is what makes me truly unique to a lot of other people. I have a quick turn around and can provide you with excellent work. I know the difference between their, there, and they’re, apples and apple’s, and then and than. I love doing research for articles I find it extremely interesting and can writing excellent features on any topic. I know if you give me this opportunity you will not be disappointed.
I have attached my resume for your review. I really appreciate your time and consideration. I can be reached at

Brittany Reiher
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