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Adolfo Magnelli

Freelance Portrait Painter & Mural Painter

Location:Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, United States
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Knowing is a soul’s experience.
By realizing a portrait, painting the eyes, cheeks, lips, hair, we experiment a way to get to know the dreams, ideas and pains of the person portrayed.
But it is also a way to dissolve ourselves and to immerse into one another.
By noticing this close communion, we get in contact with ourselves. We know how the other feels.
Through the nuances which make up our vocabulary, we slowly become conscious we are portraying ourselves.
In these portraits the first layer of colour depicts the structure, the marrow, the foundations. It is intense, solid. It talks about the Earth.
The second describes the character, the structural rigidities, the deep muscular tensions. It talks about the Fire.
The third describes the ambits of consciousness which at times let anxieties and the unconscious transpire. It talks about the Air.
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Portrait Painting
Mural Painting