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Ceren Bernatis

Freelance Graphic Designer, Photo Editor, & More

Location:Rock Springs, Wyoming, United States
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My Name is Ceren Bernatis. I had born at Bursa, a city close to Istanbul and Marmara Sea in the Turkey. My maiden name is Ceren Aglargoz. I married my husband July, 2011 and I am very happy to be with him. We’ve been living together in Rock Springs, WY since.

I graduated from University of Bahcesehir, Istanbul(Turkey) in 2006. I studied in Communication Faculty, Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design at the University. I recieved lessons from there in Graphic Design, Photography, Motion Graphics, Light and Camera, Web Design, Video Art, Interactive Design, 3D Modeling and Basic Animation, Media Lessons, Computer and Eglish.

I developed my English language skills with ESL Chicago 2000 and Wallstreet Bursa-Turkey, 2009-2011

I took textile design lessons in BOSAB in Bursa-Turkey. I had learned the techniques’ of the textile pattern design with Photoshop in 2009.

Computer Programs I use: Editting; AdobePremiere, FinalCut (a little), Adobe After Effects,

Audio; Adobe Audition,

Graphics; AdobePhotoshop (advanced), AdobeImageReady, Macromedia Freehand (in good level), Adobe Illustrater (in good level)

DVD, AdobeEncore

Web Design; Macromedia Flash (in good level), Macromedia Dreamweaver (in good level),

3D program; 3D Max (low level), And, Microsoft Office Programs (in good level)

Courses and Seminars:
Processing April 2006 Interactive Design Workshop 3 days
Bahcesehir University 1 days
Bahcesehir University in May 2004 Film archival studies Films in December 2003 Bahcesehir University 1 Week

University of Chicago in March 2000 ESL 4 months

Pattern Textile Design November-December 2009 BOSAB
Wallstreet Institute, Advance English (2009-2011)

Honors received:
2005 - 2006 Academics High Honor Student – Bahcesehir Honor Scholarship

2004-2005 Semester 2 High Honor Student
2004-2005 Semester 1 High Honor Student
2003-2004 Semester 2 High Honor Student
2003-2004 Semester 1 High Honor Student
2002-2003 2 Semester Honor Student

Hobbies: Reading, art and enjoys going to museums and art galleries, watching movies, skiing, ice skating, swimming, yoga, fitness.