Robert Cerri

Freelance Commercial Photographer & Wedding Photographer

Location:Boca Raton, Florida, United States
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Robert Cerri

The Robert Cerri Group / CEO - Founder
Boca Raton, FL
Over the past thirty- two years, under the creative, artistic and management direction of Robert Cerri, three remarkable businesses evolved. Originally a fashion photographer and photo-journalist, he wished to professionaly expand in ways which would include -- but not be limited to-- his love of visual communication as expressed behind the lens. An a important consideration was his attraction to the energy and style of corporate cultures. And so began the morphing of Robert Cerri Photography into Dream Light Productions: A service to the corporate meetings industry in which the photodocumentation of conferences and sales events was elevated from dull, predictable mementos into emotive remembrances
and morale-building visal diaries which contribute to company loyalty and good will. By humanizing a previously static business service, Robert Cerri and his colleagues were instrumental in creating a higher standard for meetings and events related products and services. A parallel interest in show business and TV production, sparked by photo assignments in Hollywood, New York and major European cities, energized the beginnings of the TV productions and booking company Tuscan Hills. Utilizing contacts develop within the corprate meeting milieu, Robert Cerri has been able to connect entertainment artists and TV productions to the expanding field of corporate events management. It was only a matter of time and talent before he started producing rather than introducing. And providing meetings documentation and corporate events entertainment services from a single source naturally led to the inclusion of the third component of The Robert Cerri Group, FVR Group.

Work Experience
CEO / Founder
The Robert Cerri Group
November 1978 to Present

Our Advertising / Production company was form in the year 2000 but our founder and CEO, Robert Cerri, started out as a commercial photographer in 1978. It was his creation to bring together the most talented people you can find today in the communication industry. The company is made up of three divisions and with in each division are smaller companies that relate to each other. The Ad-Design firm, FVR Group, is a full marketing agency. The production company, Dream Light Studio, services many aspects of the communication & production industry and finally we have an entertainment company, Tuscun Hills Productions, servicing the Entertainment industry. Besides the many facets of this company we have offices in two towns and have many talented vendors that we represent throught out the world. If you want more information call or e-mail us and we will send you our award winning brochure.

November 1978 to January 1983

Free-lance photographer on assignment

BA in Psychology
1969 to 1973


Head Photographer, Thirty Fours Years in this business Managing 40 people, Corp. Event Industry, Advertising & Marketing Industry, Entertainment Industry


Who's Who in America 1998 - 2008, Who's Who in the World 1998 - 2008

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Interests: Photography, Boating, Fishing