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Mish Cahill

Freelance Sculptor & Artist

Location:Melbourne, Australia
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Mish Cahill
Born in Victoria, Australia 1976

Evol.u.ti.on < in reverse is the moniker of Melbourne artist, Mish Cahill's Brunswick studio home and freelance practice.

Cahill's discipline in sculpture is of museum standard; design and construction extend in prop making, couture, jewellery, installation and interior design.
One of the most prominent characteristics of her work noticed by critics and the public alike is the meticulous affinity for detail. The process of making such complex pieces allows Cahill to find a simplicity that she can apply to life.

Her style visits the renaissance of old invention and runs away to the present with a colourful futuristic perspective. Conventions are challenged visually and verbally by the application of subtle nuances in the form of maps, word play and tangible markers. Cahill’s work marries the philosopher’s mind and the aesthete's eye; details are re-imagined through the creative process of intuitive engineering.

In the late 90s Cahill studied Visual Arts at Gippsland TAFE, and later a BA at Monash University. For a few years she apprenticed alongside Dutch Painter John Mutsears, creating drawings, paintings and mosaics for public and private commissions. Later she worked with Melbourne Mural Studio, creating mosaics for public companies. She furthered her education independently with commission-based work around Australia. Since then, Cahill lives, works and exhibits yearly in Melbourne.

Currently Cahill is completing a series of works for upcoming exhibitions and events.
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