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Derek Meleo

Freelance 3D Graphic Designer, 3D Animator, & More

Location:Bonita Springs, Florida, United States
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Derek J. Meleo
Bonita Springs, FL. 34134

3D designer/Graphics Artist


Just doing what I love, Drawing, Painting, CG images or 3D Graphics & Animations. Being creative is idealy what I do, and lots of practice and patience is what got me to where I am now. Willing to take on any job that is within my realm of creativity.

Custom design in 3D max, marble & bronze structures ie.; fountains, fireplaces, memorials, or what ever else a client might want.

Designed all covers, logos, and most of the executive summaries,
for the Government proposals during the 4 years with Raytheon.


3D Studio Max 2012 - Advanced user: modeling with splines, polygons, and nurbs.
Skinning and rigging of characters using bones, Ik chains, biped or Cat to animate characters with various constraint tools. Set up of keys and wire diagrams for smooth animation also
expressions for advanced animation. Setting up the stage with cameras and lighting,
background and environment exposures with advanced lighting.

Mudbox 2010 - Advanced user: After modeling a basic structure of a character in 3ds Max, I import in to Mudbox using FBX for finalizing the model and applying paint and textures for realism.

Maya 2010 - Intermediate: skills include modeling with splines, polygon, and nurbs tools, touch up with the sculptor tool. Applying uvw mapping for texture and rig the character for animation.

Alias SketchBook Pro 1.1 - Advanced user: Used to create different forms of art.

Adobe PhotoShop CS5 - Advanced user: Using various techniques to create stunning affects.

Adobe Illustrator CS2 - Advanced user: Create beautiful logos and word art.

Adobe Premier 6.0 - Intermediate: Create videos designed in 3D Studio Max.

Dream Weaver MX - Intermediate: Create web pages with the help of flash and PhotoShop.

Microsoft Office XP - Advanced user: Utilizing all the various software.

Quark X-press- Advanced user: used to set up page layouts for proposals.

Canvas 5 – Advanced user: Used to design some technical illustrations.

Flash MX - Beginner : In the process of learning.

Sketch artist, Water color, Sculptor, Technical drawings, Airbrush, Oil paints, Conte crayon.


Fines Gallery, Ft Myers, FL. 33907
3D Graphics for marble construction.
12/15/06 - Present
Contact: Mo Hadi (Owner) 239-936-6000

Adams & Irish Inc., Ft. Myers, FL. 33097
Concrete finisher, 4/06-12/12/06
Modular homes; driveways and sidewalks, brick skirting, steps.
Contact: Gary Adams(Boss) 239-565-1972. Fort Myers, FL.

Quality Beverage, Taunton, MA
Delivery helper, 2001 - 2006
Responsible for unloading a 35' trailer full of beverages to various different
stops throughout the day, and pick up all empties related.
Contact: Tom Clark (Boss) 1-800-822-6252. Taunton, Ma.

Raytheon, Marlboro, MA
Technical Illustrator/Artist, 1996 - 2000
Create artwork and presentations for the engineers during proposals and other
events; cover designs, technical drawings, logos, executive summaries, and photo touch ups.
Contact: Linda Greenwood (Boss) 1-520-794-0807.

Massasoit College, Canton
Associate Degree in Advertising art & design
GPA: 3.4.