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Moyia Hardeman

Freelance Manga Artist & Anime Artist

Location:Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
2 Skills
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Manga Art
Brochure Design
Children Book Illustration
Ad Design
Children Book Writing
Tattoo Design
Flyer Design
Still Life Painting

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Anime Art
Still Life Drawing
Banner Design
I am currently a full time biology student who has a passion for drawing manga based comics. I have been interested in manga ever since I was 5 years old (although I didn't know it was called at the time). I am currently working on multiple projects but at the same time juggling college. I love designing because it makes me happy and it eases the stresses of college life.

I am the vice president of a small publishing company P2 Manga. Once I get the chance to complete my projects I plan on putting some of my projects under the house of P2. When I am not dealing with college life, I either draw or sleep to rejuvenate myself. I am a fast artist and I get things done in a timely manner.

I am attempting to learn Japanese and add it to my "collection" of spoke languages. I love the Asian culture because it is fun and different from American culture. Once I get done with my degree in Biology, I am going to take some time off to travel and continue my art. :)
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Manga Art
Anime Art