David Ciavaglia

Freelance Database Designer & ERP Programmer

Location:Livonia, Michigan, United States
2 Skills
• Over 10 years experience Oracle Database Administrator
• Over 15 years experience of Baan application (Manufacturing, Distributon, Tools, Administration, Performance)
• Over 15 years experience in Information Technology

Work Experience
Ford Component Sales, LLC.
Baan Administrator June 2002 – present
• Maintain, administer, and tune Baan application on HP-UX running over an Oracle database.
• Install service packs and patches for Baan application.
• Implemented EDI for Baan.
• Developed Baan sessions for maintaining, updating, and reporting data.
• Designed/developed add-on Multimedia Warranty module using Baan tools consisting of over 50 tables and 20,000 lines of code.
• Developed sessions to utilize Baan AFS.
• Debug system errors and performance issues.
• Train Oracle DBA on Baan’s interface and communication with database.
• Backup Oracle DBA on database issues (administration, tuning, backup and recovery).
• Designed disaster recovery system for Baan application and Oracle database using Oracle standby environment.
• Developed Oracle stored procedures to implement new system resources to the Baan application.
• Developed Oracle triggers to update website with real-time changes to data.
• Designed/wrote Oracle database monitoring scripts.
• Worked with developers to tune and optimize SQL queries.
• Assisted in upgrading Oracle database from 8.1.6 to to

DPC Enterprises, Inc.
Oracle DBA / Baan System Administrator Oct. 1998 – Jun. 2002
• Migrated databases from 7.3.4 to 8.0.5 and 8.1.6.
• Tuned Oracle SGA and initialization parameters for optimal performance on production, test and development databases.
• Installed and maintained Oracle databases versions 7x and 8x on Sun Solaris and HP-UX systems.
• Performed daily monitoring, maintenance, and tuning on Oracle databases ranging in size from 1 GB to 300 GB.
• Monitored and reconfigured rollback segments to eliminate ORA-1555 errors.
• Designed database layout for 300GB database on Sun Solaris 7.
• Developed procedures to update test and development databases based on production database using Oracle Export and Import utilities.
• Developed C programs to interact with Oracle database using Oracle OCI calls.
• Worked on backup procedures utilizing SQL Backtrack software.
• Managed and designed Oracle/Baan migration to new hardware system.
• Create Oracle scripts for account administration to interact with Baan’s User Management module.
• Redesigned Baan’s company export and import module to use Oracle’s export and import utilities.
• Developed C programs using Baan API’s to interact with Maestro job scheduler.
• Developed programs to monitor Baan DDC Servers for stability using C and Baan Tools.
• Worked on installation and database layout for production, test and development databases.
• Designed and maintained Baan development and test environments.

Progressive Tool & Industries Co.
Oracle Database Administrator Oct. 1997 – Oct. 1998
• Tuned Oracle SGA and initialization parameters for optimal performance on production, test and development databases.
• Installed and upgraded Oracle databases on Digital UNIX systems running Baan application in production and test environments.
• Performed daily monitoring, maintenance, and tuning on Oracle databases supporting Baan application and Oracle Forms and Reports.
• Implemented backup and recovery procedures on production and test Oracle databases.
• Configured Oracle Databases to run optimally with Baan application.
• Maintained over 20 200M Oracle databases running on NT Servers which were used for a barcode scanning system to feed Baan application.
• Developed barcode scanning system using Intermec hardware and Oracle stored procedures and triggers.
• Redesigned Baan’s Repair Reference Counter and Baan’s Change Company Number programs using Oracle tools.

Baan System Administrator Jan. 1997 – Oct. 1998
• Installed and upgraded Baan application on Digital UNIX for production and development environments.
• Developed job scheduler using UNIX shell scripting and UNIX Cron to replace Baan’s job daemon.
• Configured Baan to run with Oracle database on Digital Alpha system.
• Configured Baan to run nightly batch jobs using BaaNet and standard users to run Oracle SQLNet.
• Created exchange schemes to import and export data to/from other data entry and legacy systems.
• Performed daily monitoring, maintenance, and tuning of Baan application.
• Performed account management on all Baan environments.

Baan Manufacturing Team Leader Oct. 1995- Dec. 1996
• Analyzed to current business processes for migration in Baan application.
• Wrote Oracle SQL queries export formatted data to legacy systems.
• Developed new sessions using Baan Development Tools to customize Baan application to fit company needs.
• Designed, developed, and programmed a barcode scanning system to interact Baan Shop Floor Control module to the Hours Accounting Module for real time updating.
• Supervised three developers and reviewed code for efficiency, functionality, and coding standards.
• Consulted with end users for quality satisfaction of Baan Manufacturing System.

Programmer/Analyst July 1994 – Oct. 1995
• Created, debugged, and analyzed programs written in PL/1 to meet business needs.
• Interacted with end users about new programs and program bugs.
• Maintained legacy system running on a Data General OS using Index Sequential files to store data.
• Enhanced data collection system using Intermec hardware for sending data from the shop floor to the manufacturing computer system.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI

Programming Languages
Baan Development Tools Oracle PL/SQL Oracle Development Tools
UNIX Shell Script C and Pro-C Java

Operating Systems
Digital UNIX Windows NT
Sun Solaris HP-UX

Professional Training
Oracle DBA Oracle Database Performance Tuning
Oracle Development Using Stored Procedures Oracle Backup & Recovery
Oracle Forms Baan Development 1 & 2
Baan Installation and Administration Baan Manufacturing
Skills (2) Rating
Database Design
ERP Programming