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Location:Winchester, Kentucky, United States
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Attain a permanent or semi-permanent artist position in design, sketching, painting, wood burning, photography, photo editing, or design.

I am proficient in Adobe Creative Suit CS5, have a lot of previous design experience, and will work by hand if it is what must be done to complete the job. I have a lot of digital photography experience but will require training for equipment outside of a home digital camera. I am a hard worker and put forth one hundred percent in everything I do. My work experience seems short but I have had many jobs working for people on a personal level rather than business. Names and numbers available.

Employment History:
4/2012 Private Lexington KY
Hired to produce a series of twenty four posters in a manga design that children can color and interact with for a missionary group to use in educating the children.

11/2008-Present PTA Winchester KY
Every year I am hired by parents to paint some piece of furniture for Trapp Elementary's fall festival and fundraiser. My first year I painted a child's table and chairs set in a spring garden theme, the next two shelving units in a pumpkin patch theme, and most recently a doll house which I turned into a train station bookshelf.

2008-Present Winchester KY
Many personal hires to: paint furniture, kid’s rooms, and moldings. Draw pets, loved ones, and special occasions. Wood burn driftwood, furniture, and hangings.
6/2011-Present Cheryl York Winchester KY
Illustrating her children’s book. Subject is religious containing angels, god, children, nature, etc.

4/2011-4/2011 Henrys Auto Care Winchester KY
One time hire designing a new sign then painting it. The owner was extremely happy with his new sign which contained the shops name, number, foreign and domestic, and four car parts such as an engine and transmission.

10/2010-10/2010 Advanced Auto Parts Winchester KY
One time hire for advertising of a company sponsored charity event. I was hired to paint a large 4x4 off road vehicle and event information on the outside windows.


Advanced Auto Parts charity event had a good turnout despite the harsh weather and people kept stopping to look at the painting bringing in customers.
My first year painting for the Fall Festival my work brought in more money than any other thing that was put up for auction that night and the parent that hired me stood up and announced who had done the piece. The school art teacher's piece sold for less than half of mine and she was infuriated that a teenager with no college training could outdo her.
As a freshman in high school I entered a country wide contest to design an anti-drug billboard and won.


Currently a student at the Art Institutes of Pittsburgh studying Graphic Design, I was accepted the day after I enrolled.

Graduated from High school Equivalency Program with a 3350 testing out of classes normally required for college students.

High school
I changed High schools many times due to my parents being teachers and changing schools for work opportunities and eventually dropped out because I got married and had children. In high school I took the following art related courses.
Clay and Sculpture
Digital Photography and Editing
2 Arts and Humanities
Computer Design

Out of school I took several specified art classes.

My father is a painter and began teaching me early also I started studying Ross and his technique at age 6 in addition I studied many texts and shows on KET.

Non-Profit Activities:

I am currently putting together artwork for the Mt Zion Christian Church youth group as a volunteer. Some will be sold to earn money for the mission trip and others will be kept in the youth room
In 2009 I worked as a volunteer from the art club in high school to repaint the schools track and football field with the mascot and team name and to paint the set for the school musical, Wizard of Oz.
Also in 2009 I painted Salem Christian Church's Christmas float with a burial scene at one end and the crucifixion at the other. The title was "The greatest gift" and after the two male judges were bulldozed by the one female it only received second place.

About me:

House wife has been my title for about four years now because free-lance artist isn’t an option in computer systems and most people don’t see it as a real job, I have always been ok with that but now as money gets tighter around the house I have found myself needing a more stable job. In high school I took a lot of art classes and a very engaging photography class, I ran year book doing the photos and layouts, and have always been the picture taker in my family so I have experience capturing the right moments. I work as a model on occasion with an amazing photographer who I have learned a lot from about getting the pictures people really want, the ones that capture what is behind the eyes and is usually sedate in posed photos. I am proficient with adobe creative suit CS5.

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