Freelance Book Designer, Book Cover Designer, & More

Location:Ashland, Oregon, United States
Phone: 541-414-5921
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OBJECTIVE: To serve companies and individuals in need of an editor/printer/graphics designer with many years of experience in book, magazine, and business publishing.

PROFICIENCY: MAC and PC literate; PageMaker 7.0; Microsoft Word; Word Perfect; Excel; PhotoShop 7; internet research; data input; digital photography; Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition;;
Typing Speed: 114 words per minute Accuracy Rate: 99 percent

STRENGTHS: I am accurate, conscientious, fastidious, painstaking, precise, principled, punctual, scrupulous, and thorough. I work well under pressure and adjust quickly to changing situations, as well as meeting timelines.
In working relationships, I’m considered personable, cordial, good-natured, approachable, adaptable, responsive, accommodating, and creative. I consider myself an artist who loves her work.

1988-Present: INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR: Desktop publishing, proofreading, copyediting, book/magazine designing, printing liaison, Print-on-Demand services
Harcourt Brace College Dept., San Diego, CA
Bookmark Book Services, La Mesa, CA
CDT Communications, Pine Valley, CA
Carter County Geological Society, Ekalaka, MT
Crones Counsel Inc., Salt Lake City, UT
Buffalo Woman’sVision, Ekalaka, MT
Ekalaka Eagle, Ekalaka, MT
Carter County Chamber of Commerce, Ekalaka, MT
Edited, designed, and published many novels for private individuals.

1991-1992: Production manager ? East County Weekly, Alpine, California
Produced a 20-page tabloid newspaper during a two-day period each week. Input, proofread, and electronically manipulated all news copy, photographs, and advertisements to fit appropriately.

1981-1990: Owner-Operator ? Meler Type & Graphics, San Diego, California.
Proofread all projects for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, as well as researched style and layout discrepancies. Edited most newsletters, articles, and books for consistency, sense, and design integrity. Typeset for all facets of publishing, from advertisements to catalogs. Performed all aspects of layout and paste-up including specifying type and creating simple designs. Managed up to eight full-time employees.

1979-1981: Graphics department manager ? Bowen Enterprises, El Cajon, California.
Recruited to create, organize, and instill quality in customized labeling systems for a hospital-servicing company. Designed and developed the company’s product catalog.

1975-1979: Typesetter, proofreader, paste-up artist ? Central Graphics, San Diego, California.
Recruited to typeset and proofread all publishing applications from ads to books for the largest typesetting house in San Diego. Responsible for organizing and expediting book manuscripts. Magazine, ad, brochure, and book paste-up artist.

1970-1975: Typesetter, proofreader ? The San Diego Union, San Diego, California.
Recruited to typeset and proofread editorial and classified copy for a daily newspaper as a journeyman typographer.

Production manager, typesetter, proofreader, lithographer ? The San Diego Dispatch,
San Diego, California. Learned the newspaper trade and advanced from typesetter to production manager. Became proficient in all areas of weekly newspaper publishing from copy editing to circulation.


“Marta worked as a freelance proofreader for Harcourt Brace for several years. She is reliable and hardworking and does thorough and careful work on proof of all disciplines, ranging from technical, statistical material to poetry and philosophy. This season she worked on two of our largest and best-selling books: Keating, Managerial Economics and Lieberman, Business Law and the Legal Environment. She has also work on algebra, human sexuality, literature, and account projects.
“Marta has always been available when I needed her. Please allow me to recommend her to you.”
? DEBBIE HARDIN, Chief Copy Editor, Harcourt Brace, San Diego, CA

“We employed Marta Quest to create a book commemorating all graduates of Carter County High School since 1918. Marta organized the book, designed the front cover, and with her connections we had it printed.
“Marta met our deadlines and gave us helpful information while working through this project. We were completely satisfied with the final 100-page book. We highly recommend her for this type of project.”
— MARLENE WATERLAND, coordinator, Quisquicentennial Committee, Ekalaka, MT

“Professionalism is the word that immediately comes to my mind when I think of working with Marta Quest. I value Marta’s talent for typesetting, proofreading, and editing. I am especially impressed by her speed and accuracy in completing all assignments. I like her attitude ? get the job completed as quickly and accurately as possible. Her dedication to the production of a quality finished product is very beneficial to my company.”
? PATRICIA A. CANNON, publisher, East County Weekly, Alpine, CA

"Marta Quest's expertise and knowledge as a graphic artist was valuable beyond measure when we voted to publish our county history book. Marta did an excellent job with the layout and added many creative touches to our book. She did a great job getting the book in the proper format to submit to the printer, and was a good communicator. I highly recommend Marta."
— ANNA LaBREE, President, Carter County Geological Society, MT

“I have worked with Marta Quest for more than 15 years on many projects from newsletters/ business brochures to fictional/informative books. Her professional proofreading/editing and all-around creativeness is truly unmatched.
“She is quick, pro-active, and always turns out an exceptional product. I highly recommend her for all your creative/business projects.”
? SUZANNE BRENT, Life Coach/Author, La Jolla, CA

“I like to work with Marta because she is intelligent, easy to get along with, creative and talented, trustworthy, responsible, dependable, and a good collaborator.”
? CONNIE BERGLUND, CDT Communications, Pine Valley, CA

“I’ve known Marta Quest for almost thirty years and of course her talent in producing and editing Buffalo Woman’s Vision magazine. She has now edited four of my books, and I find her indispensable as an editor and a friend who understands Native American spirituality, their dilemmas, their hopes and dreams, and a way of looking at our world that opens our hearts and minds to their vision.
? WENDY PADILLA, author, Alpine, CA

Over the last several years, Marta Quest has provided the community with an exceptional quality of editorial and design skills. Her work as editor produced a book I had worked on for 15 years. She took my typewritten words, edited them, put them in book form, designed and created a front and back cover, and organized printing my book. The end result looked better than I could have imagined.
Working for the Carter County Chamber of Commerce, she designed banners that decorate Ekalaka, Montana’s, Main Street. Her work then turned to designing and printing brochures as advertising for the county. For two years, she has produced a photographic calendar showing breathtaking views of the area.
Her years of experience as an editor and graphic designer serve her clients well.
? LOIS LAMBERT, President, Carter County Chamber of Commerce, MT