Ryan Merkel

Freelance Article Writer & Comedy Writer

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
Phone: 386-597-9587
Website: http://www.culturetease.com
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Ryan Merkel is a business and marketing graduate who published his own novel, is a featured editor at Kibin, and runs his own online magazine called CultureTease. He also is founder and main creative center of WordKiwi. His specific strengths are copyediting, ghostwriting, transcriptions, and article writing.

"I adore creating projects and creating for the sake of entertainment. I have done video, published my own novel, photography, and I co-own a clothing line as well as an online magazine called CultureTease. My passion is creating, whether that be in the realm of writing articles or fiction, poems or children's books, photography or entrepreneurship."
Service Description

I truly have a passion and adoration for writing. Below are my specific strengths in different writing genres.


I love writing novels. My personal favorite writing is creative, for I love working with a story and turning it into something enthralling, encapsulating, and addictive. Whether you have a really solid draft or just a broad stroke of an idea, I can write a fiction novel for you.

As far as non-fiction goes, my specialty is business, marketing, and social media. If you need a book written on other content that needs more specific research, I can do that as well.

I do NOT require a co-author label. If you want to be the author, no problem! If you have no problem with a co-author label, the appropriate lower rate applies.

Article Writing

Article writing is my most common and widely assigned task. I write articles for my own blog, accompanying blogs, and purely fun on a daily basis. I cover all sorts of topics in a variety of mediums. Don¿t worry- any article I write for hire will NOT be used on my personal blogs or used in ANY fashion other than writing the content for YOU to do as you please.


I also transcribe, and have been doing so for quite some time. I accept audio that is nice and clean or messy and confusing. Whether it is 2 minutes of a YouTube video or a four hour conference among 40 people, I will transcribe it appropriately.


As a writer, I find great satisfaction in reading and reviewing the work of others. I am a featured editor at Kibin.com under the author heading Ryan M.


I became a columnist at my local newspaper at 18, and co-editor within two months of my stay at the paper. I review/copyedit work of any caliber, whether it is a broad review or detailed analysis/rewriting. I critique, fact-check, proofread, and overall review the content for cohesion, quality, and proper structuring.
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Article Writing
Comedy Writing