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Location:Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
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Robert L. Nicolo
Burlington, Vermont
Mobile: (609) 790-0367


My objective is to acquire a Microsoft .Net development, architectural and/or leadership position in a team oriented environment. The environment perferrably should include in a full life cycle development process that includes detailed designs, code development, deployment and maintenance.

My strongest technical qualities are applications utilizing Silverlight/WPF, XAML and SQL Server in C# and VB.Net environments.


Technology Group Technology Experience Level (Years)
Programming and Scripting Languages C# 7
Visual Basic .Net 9
Oracle PL/SQL 6
SQL Server T-SQL 5
Visual Basic 6.0, VBA 7
Java 1.5 / 1.6 2

.Net Frameworks and IDE’s Visual Studio, .Net (all versions) 11
Visual Studio 2010, .Net 4.0 2
Visual Studio 2008, .Net 3.5 3
Visual Studio 2005, .Net 2.0 3
Visual Studio 2003, .Net 1.0, 1.1 3

.Net Technologies XMAL 9
Silverlight 4.0 2
WPF 4.0 2
Telerik Rad Controls for Silverlight 1
Infragistics NetAdvantage for Silverlight 1
.Net Winforms / .Net Webforms 9
ASP.Net / XML Web services 6
ADO.Net, ODP.Net 9
AJAX Toolkit Library 2
Crystal Report for .Net 2

Database Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g 8
SQL Server 2008 R2, 2000, 7 4
Access 2000, 97 4
Sybase / SQL Anywhere 2

Other Microsoft Team Foundation Server 1
Microsoft Visual Source Safe 7


Bachelors of Science, 1998
Information Systems Management
The College of New Jersey (formerly Trenton State College)
Ewing, New Jersey


Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)


Position: Senior Software Engineer
Company: MIK Fund Solutions – New York City, New York
Industry: Finance / Hedge Fund Solution Provider
Time span: March 2011 to April 2012

• York Capital Management: Designed, developed and launched the MIK Data Warehouse, Price Master and Security Master applications. These .Net 4.0 applications managed the Hedge Fund’s portfolio of investments, provided price auditing and history, and reported on the company’s current positions and holdings. A summary of technology highlights:

o PDF generation of WPF UI based server side reports that contained rich graphs and charts. These reports were emailed to upper management and were used to make business investment and trade related business decisions.
o Code sharing logic allowed reports to be generated on both server side (emailed reports) and client side (dynamic charts and grids)
o Advanced Silverlight based UI Grid editing capabilities that included templated in-grid comboboxes and complete CRUD capabilities wired directly to WCF/RIA services.
o Rich Silverlight based UI’s were created using Telerik Rad Controls and Infragistics Net Advantage components.
o SQL Server 2008 R2 stored procedures and functions were used for all data updates and retrievals.

• Samlyn Capital: Implemented a daily holdings extraction process by extending the currently deployed Integration Server Process. This new process queried the company’s current positions, saved each individual position in CSV format and FTP’ed the files to a designated server. This data was used downstream for reporting and archival purposes. The files were tested through a thorough reconciliation process wereby the data was aggregated and matched against other summary reports. Technologies used were:

o Visual Studio 2010 and .Net 4.0

Position: Senior Software Engineer
Company: One Call Medical - Parsippany New Jersey
Industry: Health
Time span: August 2009 to March 2011

• Web Reporting Tool System: Developed and designed a reporting web application tool for the Executive Management Team using C# and ASP.Net WebForms. The web site consisted of multiple reports / pages that allowed management to dynamically query for new reports using date and time as inputs. Technologies used were:
o The nightly cache of resultsets from slow running queries
o AJAX Toolkit library (Calendar Extender, Validator Controls).
o Microsoft ReportViewer
o Microsoft Enterprise Library
o AJAX Toolkit library (Calendar Extender, Validator Controls).

• Feature Enhancement / Production Support: Developed features and resolved issues related to the company’s varied systems and applications. Technologies used were:
o Oracle PL/SQL
o Oracle Stored Functions and Stored Procedure development
o .Net Framework Winforms using C# and VB.Net

Position: Team Lead / Systems Engineer / Software Developer
Company: Comverse (Intelligent Networks Division) - Mount Laurel, New Jersey
Industry: Telecommunications
Time span: August 2001 to August 2009

• Customization Team – Auditing Feature (ASP.Net Web Services): Designed with the support from the database team a customer auditing feature that records every method request and field modification of all incoming messages within the .Net 2.0 CCWS Web Services API.

• Maintenance Cycle (ASP.Net Web Services and .net Winforms): Worked on a 1½-year maintenance cycle project with Support Team (Tier 4) for the CCWS (C# / VB.Net API Web Service), CCC (.Net Winforms ClickOnce Client) and SAW (.Net Thick Client). Project demanded quick turnaround solutions for a variety of onsite real-time issues. These solutions included:
o New database health monitoring thread that monitored all SQL queries on all threads
o Fixes for threading issues which included tighter isolation of data between threads
o Variety of solutions for issues that included fixes for memory leaks (data readers not disposing) to high CPU utilization (caching).

• Product Catalog Application (Java 1.6, Netbeans IDE): Developed and designed business components and screens for the Product Catalog client application. The application was used to manage the products service data and used AWT GUI components, hibernation for the business objects and the spring framework.

• CC Batch – Batch Load (Design and Team Lead role): Lead a group of 5 developers in the development of a data loading application (C# / VB.Net based CC Batch) that gave batch loading capabilities for the creation, modification and deletion of subscribers and other data. Lead the full life cycle of this application from design analysis, document creation, coding, unit testing and the PQA testing cycle. Held status sessions, created the development timeline and coordinated issues with the PQA group.

• Kenan FX and Comverse RTBS Integration (CCBS 2.0) (ASP.Net and .Net Winforms): Developed a set of integration API’s in both C# and VB.Net that allowed the convergence of two separate systems. The API’s allowed the management of data from two different systems. Both systems use Oracle backends, however, the FX system uses Java / AIX front end and middleware and Comverse uses a mix of Windows 2003 Server, Unix and Microsoft .Net. The integration API’s were written in VB.Net.

• AllTel Customer (ASP.Net and .Net Winforms): Developed a rich feature set for the AllTel client in an aggressive project schedule. Drafted a Detailed Designed Document (DDD) for the CCC (Customer Care Client) and CCWS (Customer Care Web Service). Updated and restructured the ASP.Net CCWS, .Net Winforms CCC and SAW (Service Administrative Workstation). Feature updates included enhancements to the periodic charge CRUD functionality. Deployed the CCWS using SSL technology. The majority of development used VB.Net and ASP.Net.

The CCC (Customer Care Client) .Net Winforms Smart Client application was redesigned to accommodate the new customizations for the Alltel client. This redesigned included changing screen layouts, building new forms, parsing of XML for the datagrids, and creating new forms inheritance infrastructure.

• Group Accounts Web API (ASP.Net and .Net Winforms): Designed, constructed, and unit tested the new Group Accounts feature for the CCWS (Customer Care Web Service) and SAW (Service Administrative Workstation). The CCWS is a .Net Web Service API and the SAW is a VB.Net and VB 6.0 Windows application.

Several new screens were added to the CCC (.Net Winforms Smart Client) using custom dynamic control binding to business objects. In addition, new inherited custom grids were added to the new screens along with other inherited controls (textboxes, comboboxes) that provided additional enhanced features for data binding and validation.

The feature also included a refactoring of the 2nd generation CCWS code. The refactoring consisted of rebuilding the business and data access components to aid in SQL string creation, data caching and the usage of the MS Data Access Block.

• VPN (CUG) Web Services API (ASP.Net Web Services): Designed and constructed a Web Services API and WebForms UI for the company’s Prepaid Service platform. The Web Service was developed using VB.NET, ASP.Net WebForms, ADO.Net, Visual SourceSafe, IIS and Oracle. Remote Java and .Net clients can access the Web Service using SOAP over HTTP or HTTPS. The code was organized into three logical layers: presentation, business, and data access.

• HIA Performance Enhancement (VB. 6.0 Windows application): Created the Detailed Design Document and developed a new object model for the Host Interface Application (HIA). The new development was done to increase the overall performance and scalability of the existing application. The improvements included a new data caching mechanism, connection logic for Oracle's dual node system and a stored procedure that returned multiple recordsets.

The tools and technologies used in the development were Visual Basic 6.0, Oracle's PL/SQL, Oracle's OLEDB provider, Oracle's 8.1.7 Client, Visual Source Safe, and Microsoft Visio v10.

• SAW Feature Development and Maintenance (VB6.0 and .Net Winforms): Through the use of code sharing and component based development the SAW’s connection management and business logic were rebuilt and shared with the HIA. The SAW is written in Visual Basic 6.0 and contains over 250,000 lines of code.

Position: Independent Contractor – Part time contract project
Company: Dorfner Family Medicine, Willingboro NJ
Industry: Health Industry
Time span: November 2001 to March 2004 - Part Time Contract

• Patient Visit 1.5 (.Net Winforms and SQL Server): Gathered requirements, designed and developed an application to manage the doctor’s patients at nursing home sites. Patients are stored in a SQL Server database that is accessed by a total Winforms C# application. The application is segmented into 5 components. Each component represents the UI, Business, Reporting, Data Accessing, and Tracing logic of the application. Form and control inheritance was used extensively to share common functionality across all screens.

Controls used on the Winforms included Datagrids, Treeviews, ListViews and an extensive use of inherited user controls, comboboxes and textboxes.

To satisfy the reporting requirements Crystal Reports was embedded into the forms and was used to display lists of patients and patient visits. .Net datasets and Crystal Report templates were the approaches used to generate the reports.

Position: Systems Design and Engineer Consultant
Company: Ciber – Berwyn, Pennsylvania
Industry: Software Consulting
Time span: Sept 2000 to July 2001

• SEI Investments Report Management System: Developed the Screen Definition Document and co-developed the Detail Design Document for a report application that managed settings for the company’s investment portfolio reports. The user interface contained the ability to dynamically create COM controls (text boxes, labels) at runtime. Technologies used were:
o VB 6.0 / COM
o SQL Server 7.0
o DBTrueGrid
o ActiveX

• AstraZeneca, Intranet Website Prototype: Developed a prototype Intranet website for AstraZeneca. Technologies used were:
o JavaScript
o Microsoft FrontPage
o Macromedia Flash

Position: Systems Engineer Consultant
Company: Arris Systems – Berwyn, Pennsylvania
Industry: Software Consulting
Time span: August 1999 - June 2000

• Caliper Corporation Projects: Designed and developed a multitude of applications for the Caliper customer. A summary of these projects are:

o Commission System: Designed, developed, and tested Caliper’s employee based commission system. Utilizing VB 6.0 and SQL Server 7.0, the Automated Commission System (ACS) calculated employee commissions based upon a given time period and predetermined business rules.

o Mail-In Client Application: Developed a VBA Mail Client built within Outlook 2000. Application contained database verification, mailing and file parsing capabilities.

o SQL Server Migration Project: Developed Visual Basic 6.0 applications that provided data migrations integration between the new SQL Server 7.0 system and the FoxPro legacy system. Technologies used were ADO, DAO, Pivotal Relationship Data Access OCX, SQL Server stored procedures, MAPI and CDO.

• Solomon Software, Web Order Entry System (ASP and VB 6.0): Created and upgraded Solomon's Order Entry Web pages using Visual Interdev and ASP technology. Integrated and co-developed the middle tier Visual Basic 6.0 applications that dealt with the system’s business logic.

Position: Associate Consultant
Company: Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) – Berwyn, Pennsylvania
Industry: Software Consulting
Time span: January 1999 to August 1999

• CSC, Company Scheduling and Tracking System (VB 5.0): Developed a company scheduling and tracking system used to maintain product inventory and employee work availability. Technologies utilized were Visual Basic 5.0.

• Genesis Health Venture Issue Tracking Database (VB 5.0): Developed a database tool for Genesis Health Venture’s Netlink computer systems. The database was used to track and maintain the Year 2000 compliancy issues for each mission critical application. Technologies utilized were Visual Basic 5.0.
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